Mailbox Providers Make Changes for Security, Mobile

If you have seen our latest infographic on mobile email adoption, you know that people are swiftly moving to smartphones and tablets to open and engage with email. It makes sense then that the three largest providers of free email, Microsoft, Yahoo! and Google, are investing heavily in mobile. Additionally, a new major mailbox provider announced full support for DMARC.


Last week Microsoft announced they are fully supporting DMARC for, which means they are fully checking both SPF and DKIM as part of their authentication checks.  

This Microsoft change is probably a non-event for anyone sending email. Since DMARC is the standard, and most senders already publish SPF records and sign with DKIM, so little needs to be done to be DMARC ready. It is a good reminder that everyone should audit their current published records and policies to verify they are correct.


While at Google, Marissa Mayer played a major role in shaping Gmail as well as Google’s mobile strategy. Launched last week as well, the new Yahoo! Mail clearly has Mayer’s fingerprints on it. Yahoo! created a new user interface that looks and operates great, whether you’re on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Adoption for this newer Yahoo! should be much faster than past upgrades, since Yahoo! rolled it out rather quickly. From first glance, he Yahoo! Mail interface is much more sleek and keeps the design and actions simple. People overwhelming prefer checking and reading email on mobile devices today, and Yahoo! succeeded to create both a more attractive web experience as well as a solid mobile application.

After reviewing the interface, one feature stood out which may affect opens rates for email marketers. The Preview Pane is off by default. To read messages, users need to highlight the message, and as a result may create declining opening rates for marketers. This depends if users prefer the preview pane and turn it on for future messages, which they can do by selecting the "Enable preview pane" open, and will allow messages to be viewed without opening

Two changes that certainly can have an impact on the sending community and the metrics they currently use to gauge activity but it could also have a positive impact on getting better insight into who is actually reading the email. Certainly seems like there is an opportunity to encourage our clients to adopt Inbox Insight.


Google announced a major upgrade its Gmail apps for iOS devices. iOS users now have access to some features like multiple-account support, auto-suggested keyword phrase searches, calendar invite actions, and last, but not least, a new cleaner look.  Just in the first few minutes of using the new app I can tell they took time to really understand how we use email on mobile.

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