Let’s Get Creative: Getting the Most Out of Inbox Monitor Alerts Part 2

You already know how the alerts feature in Inbox Monitor can help keep track of your email campaigns’ performance and stay on top of potential deliverability issues. Why not take alerts to the next level? One Return Path client has done just that. Combining the power of Inbox Monitor alerts and Slackthe chat app that is increasingly popular in workplacesthis client receives its campaign deliverability alerts via a Slack channel instead of by email. By customizing alerts so they are sent to an email address specific to Slack, the client is able to view them in the Slack UI.

What are the benefits of this, you ask? Here are a few:

  1. See all of your deliverability alerts in one streamlined place. Stop digging through your inbox in order to find a particular email alert. Not only will you be able to stop worrying about individual emails lost in the shuffle or getting filtered to the wrong folder, you will have the capability to view your past alert history all in one place. This could help to identify patterns in deliverability if, for example, you notice you tend to receive alerts for spam delivery at the same mailbox provider on a particular type of campaign
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  2. Easily communicate with your team. Slack functions just like a chat room. Anyone who joins a given channel can contribute to the group conversation, and everyone will see it. Each of the three members on the email marketing team used to receive separate alert emails. They would then forward those emails to the appropriate people so they could have a conversation about how to tackle deliverability issues. But, now they receive alerts through a Slack channel and everyone can just respond directly in the channel. No more never-ending email chains, no more forgetting to include a particular person on the email chain. Whoever looks at the channel sees everyone’s responses in real-time. The client says, “What’s cool is that now instead of each of us getting three emails from you and then figuring how to follow up, there’s one central place. So when seeds need to be updated, we know immediately and can act and let everyone know.”

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  1. Not just for alerts! This client also gets the Daily Performance Report (DPR) from Certification sent to their Slack channel. If your IP addresses are Return Path certified, you can view your DPR in one place so you can keep tabs on how your IP addresses are doing from a Certification standpoint.
    unnamed__2_ (2)

This client really took advantage of their resources and optimized the way they view and share Return Path data. Other email marketers might want to take a page out of their book and do the same!

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