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Return Path is renowned for email deliverability consulting, due not only to the astounding volume of data we handle, but also our employees' diverse and extensive backgrounds working for senders and receivers. It makes perfect sense then for us to participate in ExactTarget's annual email marketing conference, Connections 2012, where the theme is "Inspire the Future." So what exactly is the future of email marketing, the inbox and spam filtering?

Data, data, data.

On Wednesday, October 17th at the ExactTarget Connections conference in Indianapolis, I'll be joined by Carlo Catajan (formerly of Yahoo! mail), Jamie Tomasello (Cloudmark and Comcast), and Al Iverson (Exact Target) to talk about data and email deliverability from a mailbox provider's point of view.  Ever wonder exactly how mailbox providers are adapting to the future of spam filtering? Then don't miss my panel where we'll dive into the data used by mailbox providers to measure hot topic items like engagement. We'll also highlight some of the email marketing best practices and pitfalls we've collectively observed over the years, like how to optimize welcome emails using email intelligence, and what it means for your bottom line when you get blacklisted.

On Thursday, October 18th from 9AM to 10AM, don't miss Return Path CEO Matt Blumberg inspiring us all about the future of the inbox. He'll be followed by other visionaries discussing what the future of email and marketing will look like. Interplanetary SMTP, perhaps? What will Martians call the spam folder? While it may not be quite that futuristic, you'll want to hear what Matt and other soothsayers think the future has in store for us.

Lastly, do you like brain teasers and would you like a chance to win a free Kindle Fire for completing brain teasers? Come to our booth (we're near the entrance so you can't miss us!) on Wednesday at the following times for your chance to win!

Want to set up some time to meet with us, get a demo of our new email competitive intelligence tool, or anything else while you're at Connections 2012? Email us at [email protected]





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