Why is some but not all of my mail consistently missing?

If you notice that some but not all mail is consistently going missing (only at certain providers, certain addresses showing alternating missing and inboxing/spam results, etc.) use the following steps:

  • Ensure you are sending to the complete seedlist
  • If using an x-header, ensure you are not changing the x-header value mid-deployment
  • Contact your email service provider (ESP) to ensure no 250ok seed addresses are being suppressed – this could be occurring in the ESP’s interface or in some way that may not be immediately visible
  • If applicable, consult your bounce logs for the associated bounce codes and consult the documentation at that inbox provider

Click here for more information on missing mail.

Open your 250ok Settings Menu and select “Contact Support” under Help Center or contact 250ok Support if you have any questions about missing mail.

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