Why can’t I see a campaign I sent to the 250ok seedlist in Inbox?

When a campaign doesn’t appear in 250ok (this is different than a campaign showing 100% missing – something we go in to more detail on here: Why does my Inbox test show 100% missing mail?) you can typically narrow the problem down to one of two causes.

  • The reference addresses (the first four addresses in your 250ok Inbox seedlist) or the entirety of the 250ok Inbox seedlist was not included on the send or suppressed in some way. In this case we recommend checking with your Email Service Provider (ESP) to ensure successful delivery to the 250ok Inbox Seedlist. Contact [email protected] for additional assistance.
  • If you had previously sent to a different 250ok account take a note of the first four addresses in your 250ok seedlist. Sending to multiple 250ok seedlists can cause issues with campaigns showing up in your 250ok account. Scan your seedlist within your ESP to ensure that only your four current reference addresses are included and remove any old reference addresses from your seedlist.
  • The sending address for your campaign has been blocked by 250ok. Contact [email protected] to see if your sending address has been blocked by 250ok.

Open your 250ok Settings Menu and select “Contact Support” under Help Center or contact 250ok Support if you have any other questions about 250ok Inbox.