What is the Audience Explorer and Recipient Profile?

With the 250ok Audience Explorer you can search, filter, and dive into recipient-level activity to understand what makes your recipients tick, and most importantly, how to re-engage those who may have dropped off. With 250ok’s advanced filtering technology, you can segment and export important groups of recipients matching any combination of criteria.

  1. The Audience Explorer presents you with options for filtering by FILTER TYPE, SEARCH CRITERIA, PLATFORM, and more options.
  2. Once your audience is loaded, you can sort your recipients by any of the columns by clicking the arrows in the column headers.
  3. Click the columns dropdown and use the checkboxes to customize your view. 250ok will then save your display preference for when you visit the explorer in the future.
  4. Once you have your filters defined, you can save them as a segment.
  5. To export the segment, click the EXPORT button to download the segment.
  6. For a deeper view of the activity history of your audience, simply click one of the email addresses on the left.
  7. In activity history, you can see information about a recipient including location, time zone, all of their detected devices and clients, and a full history of activity. The activity history allows us to analyze things like read time, engagement, and device usage.
  8. In the activity feed, we can load all of the event history leading back to the original subscription date.
  9. When we detect a series of activity for a campaign, we roll it up into what we call an “interaction”. You can expand the events in an interaction to see timing and engagement.
  10. If a recipient suddenly drops off and is inactive for some time, you can see the events leading up to their inactivity and figure out how re-engage them through a win-back campaign.
  11. Feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions.