What is the 250ok Design tool?

250ok Design Overview from 250ok on Vimeo.

250ok’s new DESIGN tool gives you the opportunity to see how your campaigns will render across multiple platforms including mobile, desktop, and tablet..

The Design Tests screen displays previews from recent design tests while giving you the opportunity to create new tests.

Click the Create Design Test button to view options for submitting a design test. There are multiple ways to create a test. You can either email us your test, select an existing Inbox campaign, copy and paste your email content, or upload a ZIP file of your campaign. Shortly after sending the campaign, you can click on a test to see the Design Previews, where you will be provided rendering previews of your email as well as information on potential issues with images, links, or your HTML markup. You can also flag problematic previews for review, or leave a comment mentioning your teammates to notify them of an issue. Flagged images and comments are then saved to the Activity tab to keep everyone in the loop.

From the Spam Tests screen you can track your email’s likelihood of being marked as spam at different providers due to authentication issues, mailbox issues, filter issues, and blacklistings. Click on a spam test for additional details on it’s performance. To create a new Spam Test without renderings, click the Create Spam Test button. Copy all of the seed addresses from the Create Spam Test screen, and then switch over to your ESP and send the campaign you would like to test.

The Campaign Builder screen provides options for building campaigns from scratch. Click the Create Campaign button to start building a campaign – either by selecting an existing template or by starting fresh. After you’ve prepared your markup, you can select the rendering engines you wish to test. If you have multiple variants, say for an A/B test, you can create additional versions of your campaign using the variants dropdown. This allows you to group multiple versions of an email under a single test.

Lastly, if you would like to view design tests you created on the previous 250ok DESIGN platform, return to the Design Tests screen and click on Legacy Test Archive.

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