What is “missing” mail?

When 250ok checks mailboxes for your mail, we look in all of the obvious places: inbox, spam folders, tabs, trash, etc. Missing mail is made up of messages that we definitively know did not reach a mail server.

Missing results within our application mean that our seed address did not receive the message in the Inbox nor Spam folder. It is possible that your message was blocked or was not properly sent. Please check your logs to see if the message has bounced or shows as delivered.

If the majority of your campaign is showing missing it is possible that you did not include all of the seed addresses in your send. Check Inbox > Get Seedlist for the most up-to-date seed addresses.

If you just recently sent your campaign and you are seeing missing messages it is possible that your messages are being rate limited by your MTA.

Here are some of the provider-level reasons your mail may go missing:

  • The mail server rejected the message outright
  • The mail server received your message, but chose not to accept it because of spam/content filter results, reputation issues, blacklisting, etc.
  • The ISP is throttling your inbound messages and have not accepted the mail yet

Here are some reasons mail could show as missing in 250ok:

For 250ok to diagnose why your mail is showing as missing, we will most likely ask for the full SMTP Conversation Logs for the campaign in question. We ask for SMTP logs to diagnose these issues further because we, much like any other user, don’t have access to the SMTP communications from commercial mailboxes. (Gmail, Hotmail, ISPs, etc.) Being able to see why something may have bounced at that endpoint or just to confirm successful handshake with the 250 OK response gives us insight as to where along the chain of events we can pinpoint the failure.

Open your 250ok Settings Menu and select “Contact Support” under Help Center or contact 250ok Support if you have any questions about missing mail.



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