What is 250ok Validation and how do I use it?

250ok Validation is designed to identify invalid and non-deliverable email addresses on a customer’s list and verify legitimate addresses giving marketers the ability to improve delivery and engagement.

More than 20 percent of email list entries are affected by syntax errors, typos, domain misuse, and other issues. This poses a significant challenge to email marketers, as invalid email addresses can damage sender reputation, impact delivery, jeopardize engagement, and decrease ROI.

250ok Validation helps resolve this challenge by quickly and securely identifying invalid and risky email addresses before senders deploy mail to them. Marketers who use 250ok Validation gain actionable insights into the quality and deliverability for each of their subscribers, while mitigating negative impacts on reputation, inbox placement, and the ability to connect with your customers.

250ok Validation from 250ok on Vimeo.

To get started, open 250ok and click Validation.

  • The Validated Lists screen displays results from recent uploads to 250ok.
  • To validate a new list, click the “Validate List” button. You can choose to either upload a CSV, Excel, or Text file containing your address, copy and paste your seedlist in to the Validate List window, or upload a list via API. Enter a name for your list and click the Validate List button.
  • Once a list is uploaded, our 250ok Validation performs more than 10 verification steps to identify if an email address is valid.
  • After your list has started processing you will have the ability to see results broken out into nine different categories.
    • Verified Valid – The address was verified as valid based on positive deliverability signals.
    • SMTP Valid – The address was validated at the SMTP level. However, this does not imply absolute validity.
    • Undeliverable – The address was determined to be invalid after performing multiple checks including MX, SMTP, etc.
    • Risky – The address was determined to be risky based on historical analysis or problematic patterns.
    • Typo – The address was likely typed incorrectly during signup.
    • Accept-All – The receiving domain of the address accepts all mail, indicating it may be a spam trap.
    • Disposable – The address is a temporary throw-away address that expires after a specific time period.
    • Role – It is likely that the address is not a particular person, but rather a group or department.
    • Unknown – A connection problem or unresponsive SMTP server prevented validation.
  • From here you can choose to export results as an aggregate or category-by-category.

Open your 250ok Settings Menu and select “Contact Support” under Help Center or contact 250ok Support if you have any questions about 250ok Validation.