What are Segments in Analytics?

250ok Analytics: Segments from 250ok on Vimeo.

The new Analytics lets you segment important groups of recipients matching an unlimited number of filter combinations, such as campaign, recipient domain, platform, device, client, location, or custom parameters.

  1. Creating a new segment
    1. On the Analytics Overview page, you will see a column labeled FILTERS.
    2. Check the boxes to determine the parameters of the segments.
      1. For example, if you wanted to see mobile phone users you would select PLATFORM and then MOBILE PHONE.
      2. You can select as many filters as you would like to help narrow down your segments.
    3. Then click filter.
    4. You will now see your filtered results. To save this as a segment, click the SAVE AS SEGMENT button.
    5. Enter a name and an optional description for the segment, then click SAVE SEGMENT. Now that you’ve saved this segment, you can select it from the dropdown at any time to apply the filters.
  2. To manage your segments, let’s jump over to your account settings.
    1. On the Manage Segments screen, you can edit the name and description of a segment by clicking the link on the left. If you want to disable the segment in the interface, but not delete it, you can click the toggle button to enable or disable it.
    2. By clicking the checkboxes, you can easily copy or delete a segment. Copying segments enable you to quickly build filter sets with similar properties for easy comparisons.

As always, we welcome feedback and questions through emailing our support team.