Integrating 250ok with SparkPost

Integrating 250ok with SparkPost is easy – simply follow the instructions below to generate your SparkPost API Key to add into 250ok.

  1. Log in to SparkPost and click on account.
  2. Click on API and SMTP, and then Add API Key.
  3. Select all permissions and provide a name for the API Key.
  4. Once your API key has been created be sure to save it where you can recover it – SparkPost will not allow you to access the entire API key after this process.
  5. Open 250ok and click on Settings, and then Apps and Integrations.
  6. Click on the Settings button next to SparkPost.
  7. Click the Add Account button.
  8. From here you can enter your API key.
  9. If you are using SparkPost Enterprise you can also enter your API endpoint on this screen ( Click the Authenticate button to authenticate with SparkPost.