How does View Time Optimization (VTO) work?

Below is a high-level overview of how VTO works with a sender, Verizon Media, and subscriber.

  1. Account set up
  2. VTO campaign set up through Validity’s products
    • Sender enters the subject line and from domain for the specified campaign.
    • Sender provides additional campaign details including the campaign start and end dates, the DKIM selector (s=), and the DKIM signing domain (d=).
    • Sender selects what to do with undelivered email once the campaign ends. For subscribers that do not login to their mailbox during the start and end date for a campaign, a sender can choose to:
      • Deliver the email as normal with no VTO placement benefit.
      • Discard the email (for time-sensitive campaigns like a holiday sale).
  3. Sender launches the VTO campaign email
    • The sender launches the email campaign normally with the specified campaign details.
  4. Verizon Media receives the VTO campaign email
    • When Verizon Media receives the sender’s VTO email and detects the campaign details, the sender’s email is placed into a delivery queue, waiting for the Verizon Media subscriber to open their mailbox.
  5. Subscriber opens their mailbox
    • The Verizon Media subscriber opens their mailbox and the sender’s queued VTO email is delivered.
  6. VTO campaign ends 
    • Once the specified VTO campaign ends, undelivered email is delivered or discarded based on the sender preference identified during campaign set up.
  7. Sender views performance data in Validity’s products
    • VTO performance data is available in the 250ok and Return Path Platform applications.



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