How do I use the 250ok Design Gmail Annotations Previewer?

The 250ok Design Gmail Annotations Previewer allows marketers and designers to easily test out different offers, sender logos, subject lines, offer codes, expiration dates, and offer image previews within Design. This tool offers users a step-by-step guide to annotating emails and forecasting appearance to subscribers in their Gmail inbox preview.

Users can access the Gmail Annotations Previewer by clicking Design > Pre-Flight Checks > Gmail Annotations Previewer.

After filling out the following fields users will be able to see a preview of their email message and will be provided with the corresponding JSON script that can be copied in to the <head> section of their email template.

  • Friendly From
  • Logo URL
  • Subject Line
  • Offer
  • Offer Code
  • Offer Start date
  • Offer Expiration date
  • Offer Image