How do I use 250ok Design’s Spam Test tool?

250ok Design Spam Test from 250ok on Vimeo.

250ok’s new DESIGN tool gives you the opportunity to see how your campaigns will render and perform across a number of platforms.

From the Spam Tests screen you can track your email’s likelihood of being marked as spam at different providers due to authentication issues, mailbox issues, filter issues, and blacklistings. Click on a campaign for additional details on it’s performance. To create a new Spam Test without renderings, click the Create Spam Test button. Copy all of the seed addresses from the Create Spam Test screen, and then switch over to your ESP and send the campaign you would like to test.

Shortly after sending your Spam Test will appear on the Recent Tests screen. From this screen you can see the number of authentication issues, mailbox issues, filter issues, and blacklistings that we have recorded for your test. Click the subject line for more details on your test.

The Summary window provides a general overview of your tests’ performance, The Authentication Check window details SPF, DKIM, and DMARC performance, while the Mailbox Provider Results window outlines the performance of your test at multiple providers.

The Filter Results window shows your performance at different filter companies, and displays any relevant information 250ok has received regarding the performance of your test. There may be some interesting diagnostic messages returned from the filters, such as image to text ratios or tiny font detection, so be on the lookout for that.

Lastly, any IP addresses 250ok detects when sending a spam test will be run against the 250ok Blacklist Checker. Click the link in the Blacklist column for more information on that blacklist.