How Do I Create and Use Custom Parameters?

250ok Analytics: Custom Parameters from 250ok on Vimeo.

If you want to track more than just an email address and campaign ID, our tracking pixel can now store up to 250 characters of custom parameters. This helps you track the data points to better identify and segment your recipients, for example, by age or gender.

  1. In the custom parameter settings, you can see the full list of any custom parameters associated with your account. Some you may have added manually, and others we detected by recording events from your tracking code.
    1. Every custom parameter added or detected will be automatically converted into filterable, searchable criteria across our analytics and audience explorer.
  2. You can define your own set of parameters using the personalization tokens or merge tags provided by your email service provider. This works in two ways:
    1. You can modify the parameters we’ve automatically detected by clicking the SETTINGS link on the left.
      1. You can add an optional description, as well as a matching personalization token or merge tag.
      2. By plugging in your ESP’s token, you can add this parameter to your tracking code in the future by toggling the “tracking code” switch.
    2. You can add a parameter manually by clicking the “add” button at the top right.
      1. Follow the instructions above but enter a parameter name for us to look for in addition to the token.
      2. Click the SAVE PARAMETER button.
  3. The toggle switches enable you to hide or show parameters as filtering options in the UI.
  4. If you’ve added a personalization token, you can have it added to your tracking code by default for when you create new campaigns.
  5. Users can pass multiple values for a single custom parameter through our analytics tracking pixel. Multiple values are delimited by the | character. Example: …&param=value1|value2|value3

As always, feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions.