How Do I Add My Tracking Pixel?

  1. First, log in to 250ok. and go to Analytics > Campaigns.
  2. If you are seeking to copy the tracking code from an existing campaign, select the 250ok Analytics Campaign in question from the “Recent Campaigns” field and click the “Tracking Code” button.
  3. If you are seeking to create a new 250ok Analytics campaign, click the “Create Campaign” button.
    1. Enter the name of your campaign in the “Name Your Campaign” field.
    2. Select your email service provider (ESP) from the “Which Email Service Provider Do You Use?” dropdown menu.
      1. If your ESP is not listed in the 250ok Analytics platform select “My ESP isn’t listed” from the”Which Email Service Provider Do You Use?” dropdown menu.
        1. Enter the name of your ESP.
        2. Enter the merge tag / token your ESP uses for the purposes of populating data dynamically.
        3. Select your tracking domain.
      2. If you send your own mail select “I send my own mail” from the “Which Email Service Provider Do You Use?” dropdown menu.
        1. Enter the merge tag / token your software uses for the purposes of populating data dynamically.
        2. Select your tracking domain.
    3. Click the “Create Campaign” button.
  4. You will be redirected to the “Tracking Code” screen where you can copy or further customize the 250ok Analytics tracking pixel for your campaign.
  5. Click the “Advanced: Customize your pixel” link.
  6. Click the “Include Campaign Merge Tag” checkbox even if your ESP does not have a Campaign merge tag.
    1. A merge tag is a dynamic field provided by your email service provider to inject dynamic content in your campaigns.
    2. Senders using an ESP that does not have a campaign merge tag are required to change all three instances of the c= value to the same value per campaign.
  7. Paste the tracking pixel code into the HTML of your email before the closing body tag (</body>). Note: If the pixel is in the signature it is worth remember that clients such as Gmail do not auto show the signature and the pixel will not register.
  8. Flip back to the preview window of your email campaign builder to make sure the pixel is hidden as expected.



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