Is Your Email All In? Join Return Path in Vegas to Learn Why the Odds Could be Against You

If you don’t know your sender reputation, you could be gambling with the future success of your email program. Sender reputation is the primary factor determining inbox placement, a fundamental metric impacting performance, response and revenue. If you’re concerned that your messages are getting routed to the spam folder or going missing, you have a right to be. Determining the root cause of deliverability issues and making changes to improve inbox placement can result in a major uplift in program performance and ROI. After all, if your subscribers aren’t seeing your messages due to bulking and blocking, every other optimization tool at your disposal will be far less effective.

While it may seem contradictory to espouse an anti-gambling message as Return Path gets ready to attend the MarketingSherpa Email Summit in Las Vegas next week, my advice applies only to your email program and not to your skills at the poker table (where you may well run into me). I’m hosting a Round Table on Wednesday afternoon on the topic of Email Deliverability 101, and I look forward to having you join in the discussion. I’ll kick-off the conversation by covering some of the most common myths marketers have about deliverability, so if you’re struggling to get your email delivered or are unsure if you have a placement problem, sign up for this informative and interactive session. If you understand the basics, but are still struggling with issues like complaints and list hygiene, join two of our brightest email experts on Monday afternoon for an Email Deliverability Workshop: Beyond the Basics.

If the deliverability odds are in your favor, then it’s time to turn your attention to optimization tactics like analyzing and applying insights from competitive intelligence. Return Path is hosting a series of Coaching Clinics on Tuesday and Wednesday to provide you with actionable and customized information that will help your campaigns stand out from your competitors in the inbox. In addition, if you want to learn more about the wealth of email data you could have your disposal then stop by our booth in the Ironwood Ballroom at the Aria Resort & Casino. My colleagues and I would be happy to discuss what may be the only sure thing on the strip: the power of email intelligence.

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