Increasing the ROI of Your Email Program Just Got Easier

At Return Path, one of the most common questions our clients ask us is how to improve email list hygiene. Many clients come to us with a portion of their list suppressed or find that they have an overwhelming number of spam traps and unknown users on their list, affecting their response rate and preventing them from qualifying for Return Path’s Certification program.

According to our Email List Strategy report, 71 percent of email marketers say that increasing email list quality is a priority. However, when asked about the highest barriers to success, 39 percent noted poor email subscriber quality and another 30 percent said inadequate list hygiene practices.

Poor list quality occurs in part because more email addresses are being acquired at the point of sale and via mobile devices, where typos can easily occur. Whether you have an email list of 10,000 or 10,000,000 subscribers, ensuring only good data enters your database and keeping it clean on an ongoing basis is paramount to good inbox placement and driving the most ROI from your email program.

How does list hygiene affect inbox placement? Major mailbox providers like Microsoft, Google, and Yahoo! rely on both sender reputation and subscriber engagement metrics to make spam filtering decisions. A high bounce rate is seen as a strong indicator of poor sending practices and low engagement, which can prompt mailbox providers to filter or even block email.

So what’s a marketer to do? Return Path is very excited to announce our new partnership with BriteVerify, a leader in email verification services. With Real-Time Email Validation, we are able to provide customers with a secure, efficient, and effective solution that can reduce bounce rate by 98 percent. BriteVerify improves email list hygiene, increases inbox placement rates, and in turn, increases the ROI of a marketer’s email program. The validation process involves verifying subscribers on your email list in real time at the point of email collection as well as in batch form to check that email addresses are legitimate. Both new and mature email programs benefit greatly from integrating email validation into their list hygiene strategy to help increase conversions and ROI.

This partnership supports Return Path’s focus on utilizing a holistic approach with your email strategy by addressing the root cause of problems at a regular cadence and not by just treating the symptoms. In turn, you create a healthier email program and reap the rewards.

Want to learn more about Real-Time Email Validation? Join our webinar on June 22 to better understand why maintaining a clean subscriber list is important and how Return Path and BriteVerify can help.

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