ICYMI: What Happened at Return Path’s 2018 London World Tour

Over the next seven weeks, Return Path will tour four different cities around the world to show how email marketers, armed with the right data, can maximize engagement with their subscribers. I had the pleasure of organizing the first leg of the World Tour in London which took place on Wednesday, April 25th.

Located at the May Fair Hotel near Green Park, our CEO Matt Blumberg kicked off the event with a keynote presentation where he discussed his predictions for email marketing in the year ahead—including the growing importance of Artificial Intelligence (AI), improvements in advanced marketing analytics, and the pending GDPR deadline.

Guy Hanson, our Senior Director of International Professional Services, followed Matt by giving an in-depth presentation on contemporary email marketing practice, discussing consumer attitudes towards privacy, the importance of relevance and how marketers can build trust in the wake of reputation damage and privacy breaches.

Following the introductory speeches from Return Path, we were delighted to have the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) Managing Director, Rachel Aldighieri, who talked us through the ways in which email marketers can build trust through customer engagement via personalization, integrity, expectations, and resolution in light of GDPR. Citing examples of exemplary data relationships between brands and customers, Rachel’s talk was fascinating and hugely informative.

We then kicked off with the customer panel in which we were thrilled to watch petition website Change.org explain its complex email program that needs to cater to various global issues in seventeen different languages. Change.org places a lot of importance on its email program so it was extremely interesting to hear how petitioners are using email to power the platform and make a difference in the world. Next, we heard from Individual Restaurants, which explained its deliverability issues and how, partnered with Return Path, it cleansed its email lists and increased inbox placement dramatically. We ended the customer section with eBay explaining how it built up trust with email lists and verification methods in the lead up to GDPR.

The event then ended nicely with some cosmopolitan and margarita cocktails in the Crystal Room, where attendees had the opportunity to network with Return Path executives and industry peers.

A big thank you to the DMA and our customers Change.org, Individual Restaurants and eBay for taking part, and to those who attended another successful London World Tour event.

Next stop—Sydney!

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