How Total Beauty Made Email Migration Look Easy

Total Beauty Media Group, a leading beauty publishing company that specializes in product reviews and beauty advice, needed a truly seamless shift to a new ESP and new sending domains. Its Total Beauty and Beauty Riot brands send over 4.5 million newsletters per month to their subscribers, and they couldn’t allow poor planning to trigger high bulking rates (as high as 75-100% at some of the major ISPs during migrations like this one). So they started early and worked with Return Path’s Professional Services team to get it right.

Over the course of three months, Return Path’s Professional Services team implemented an Email Migration Program for the Total Beauty and Beauty Riot brands. A dedicated, senior-level consultant started by making best practice-based recommendations for Total Beauty’s new sending platform to ensure it was configured correctly. Return Path also created a customized schedule for warming up Total Beauty Media’s new IP addresses to mitigate any negative impact on sender reputation and provided guidance for DNS changes related to using new sending domains.

In preparation for the migration, Return Path also coordinated with Total Beauty’s new ESP to plan the sending volume ramp-up schedule, submitted whitelist requests, ensured that the Total Beauty was set up on all publicly available feedback loops (FBLs), and added IP addresses to SNDS. Return Path also worked with Total Beauty and their ESP to ensure the new sending infrastructure met Return Path’s Certification requirements as they were applying for membership. Return Path was also available for immediate deliverability troubleshooting as the program got ramped up.

When it was time to put it into effect, Total Beauty’s plan worked.

The deliverability impact on the Total Beauty and Beauty Riot IPs was minimal. Both programs were ramped up following best practices and had the infrastructure in place to ensure sender reputation and inbox placement remained above 85%. In addition the “missing” or blocked rates for Total Beauty and Beauty Riot actually dropped—by a combined rate of almost 5%. The migration was an unqualified success.

Total Beauty Media Group’s email marketing manager, Devran Mustafoglu, was delighted. “It was an absolute pleasure to work with Return Path’s Professional Services during my company's migration,” she said.

"They were meticulous about strategic planning during this process and constantly available to answer any questions or address concerns. They were extremely flexible with this project in terms of time management, troubleshooting, and added assistance when needed. I highly recommend Professional Services for any Email Migration Program or email monitoring and it was a pleasure working with them.”

Email migrations can be complicated, frustrating, and risky – but they don’t need to be. By developing a detailed project plan and working with industry experts to follow best practices, Total Beauty Media managed this transition without missing a beat.

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