How to Reduce Your Automated Marketing Spend

Today, most businesses use some type of automated marketing. Whether they use the technology to automate interactions with visitors to their website, deliver in-app messages, or create more personalized communications for their email marketing campaigns, social media channels, and more, automated marketing simply makes sense. But the costs can add up quickly. So, how can you reduce your automated marketing spend? Let’s dive in.

The Cost of Automated Marketing

While automated marketing is a great way to promote your business, it’s not cheap. At one point, the automated marketing industry was worth about $500 million, but between the increasing number of businesses using automated marketing and the rising costs, the market is growing rapidly and is expected to be worth around $7 billion by 2023. It’s also estimated that large businesses devote 3-5% of their marketing budget to automated marketing, while smaller businesses typically dedicate 7% of their marketing budget to an automated system.

One of the biggest expenses business face when it comes to their automated marketing program is the cost of the subscription, which can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars each month.

To help you reduce your automated marketing spend, start by considering the factors that influence automated marketing subscription costs and whether or not you can make changes that will save you money long-term. For example, consider:

  • The size of your marketing database – we’ll tell you one way you can cut costs associated with your database size in just a moment
  • The number of users if the fees are user-based – Do more people have the ability to use marketing automation technology than necessary?
  • The degree of functionality in each piece of automated marketing – Are you using all the individual features you’ve paid for? Are there add-ons factored into your cost that could be removed?
  • If you’re working with a vendor that charges additional fees for things like insight into the CRM system, support, future upgrades, etc. – Can you avoid some of these fees? Should you renegotiate when you sign the next contract? Is there a vendor you could work with whose additional fees are less?

Reduce the Cost of Automated Marketing with Careful Vendor Selection

Reduce Marketing SpendWhen you’re exploring ways to reduce the overall cost of your automated marketing, the first factor you should consider is your automated marketing platform. Take some time and really look at what you’re paying for. Most platforms charge for the type of automated marketing used and the size of the marketing database, but it’s not uncommon for automated marketing vendors to charge extra for add-ons, some of which you’re probably not using.

It’s also wise to occasionally evaluate whether or not the automated marketing platform you’re using is right for you. Just because it was a good fit for your automated marketing program when you first signed up, doesn’t mean it still is. Your business is constantly evolving, which means your automated marketing needs are doing the same. Consider the following:

  • Does your current vendor meet your current automated marketing needs?
  • Are there other vendors that are better suited to your business’s current needs?
  • Will another vendor give you a better subscription price without reducing the quality of service?

Reduce Marketing Costs With High Quality Customer Data

As a marketer, here’s one thing you may not have considered is driving up your marketing costs: the quality of your customer data. Every time you send campaigns, the inaccurate, duplicate, incomplete, and unverified data in your CRM or other data management system is unnecessarily increasing your marketing spend and negatively impacting your campaign performance. Successful sales and marketing campaigns rely on being able to connect with the right people, using the right message, at the right time. Leveraging data quality solutions like DemandTools for data cleansing and BriteVerify for email verification can give you the confidence that your database is free of duplicates and inaccurate or missing data elements, and that email addresses have been verified as deliverable. This doesn’t just help you deliver higher campaign ROI. A cleaner database is a more streamlined database, which also goes a long way toward reducing your automated marketing spend.

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