Going Phishing with Return Path: The First Step is Knowing Where to Look!

It’s a beautiful September morning, you have the day off from work, and you are feeling motivated to get outside to take advantage of one of the final days of summer. So you rummage through the garage and find your fishing pole, vest, cooler, and your best fishing hat (yeah – the one with the old flies attached). As you set out thinking about all the fish you are going to reel in, you remember hearing your co-workers talk about this great fishing hole about 30 minutes outside of town. You don’t remember the exact location but you have a local area map and a GPS so you figure it can’t be too hard to find. However, despite the tools at your disposal, you wind up spending the majority of the morning driving around looking for this supposedly great fishing hole…and getting more frustrated by the hour!

Now, imagine you are an Email Marketer responsible for a rapidly growing Internet retailer. In a recent conversation with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), she recently asked you if the company’s brand and its customers are being abused by phishers. You figure this can’t be too hard to figure out so you begin rummaging around the Internet conducting searches on abuse of your company’s brand, you talk with IT to see if they have any tools to help identify customer targeted phishing attacks, and you even analyze your email deliverability and engagement rates to see if there have been any drops triggered by potential attacks. However, at the end of the day, you still don’t have a clear and concise answer for your CMO…leading to your growing frustration! Well – similar to the fishing story above, the key to finding phish (fish) is knowing where to look!

Return Path Email Brand Monitor can help! Email Brand Monitor protects customers’ trust in your brand and email communications by providing email marketers with full visibility into known, unknown and potentially fraudulent email traffic. With the world’s largest mailbox provider data footprint, Return Path receives email intelligence from over two billion mailboxes worldwide (two-thirds of the global total), providing you with the broadest visibility into all your email activity, legitimate or otherwise.

Benefits of Email Brand Monitor include:

  • Complete Email Visibility: This includes visibility into not only internal mail, such as corporate, marketing, and transactional streams but also 3rd party streams from external partners such as ESP or CRM providers, allowing you to ensure a consistent outbound email distribution policy.
  • Insight into Brand Abuse: Rather than wait for your customers to contact you regarding potential attacks, Email Brand Monitor arms you with powerful intelligence to help you not only understand if your customers are being phished but also help you to fix this problem before it significantly impacts your customers and your brand.
  • Easy to Use and Manage: As a SaaS based solution, Email Brand Monitor does not require any additional hardware or software and can be accessed via any web browser. Daily alerts and weekly digest emails can also be set-up to help you easily understand the health of your email environment.

More importantly, Email Brand Monitor will help you definitively answer the question posted by your CMO on whether or not your brand is being abused!

To learn more about how you can gain visibility into potential abuse of your brand, please visit our Email Brand Monitor web page. And, for those of you who might still be looking for a few good fishing holes, you’ll have to contact me off line for that information!

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