Gilt-y as Charged: Gilt City Wins Marketer Quarterly Email Marketing Awards

2016-03-01-11_16_31-Gilt-y-As-Charged_-Customer-Success-Google-Docs-300x277Big congratulations to Gilt City on winning the 2015 
Marketing Quarterly’s Email Marketing Award for Best Daily Deal Email! The Marketing Quarterly is a digital publication that shares news, updates, and significant trends in the marketing world. This year, they debuted their Email Marketing Awards to give brands the opportunity to stand out in the email universe. Return Path saw these awards as an opportunity to nominate one of its most successful email marketing clients—Gilt City.

Gilt Groupe, along with its brand Gilt City, is a popular online retail company that specializes in providing subscribers with daily deals and coupons to some of today’s top designer labels. Because they rely solely on their online presence, they are well aware of the value email has and how crucial it is for their business growth. A large portion of their email program revolves around daily promotions, encouraging users to take advantage of Gilt’s offers. Gilt has a huge subscriber list it emails daily but it does not use the usual “batch and blast” approach. Instead, Gilt strategically segments their audience into different groups based on user engagement and targets those groups based on individual subscriber activity.

Their messages include not only outstanding offers, but also contain personal content customized to their customer preferences. Gilt City has a sophisticated segmentation based on geographic location and they employ this subscriber data to target users based on proximity to any one of Gilt City’s 14 US locations.

Gilt City’s successful email strategy made it a perfect candidate for the Marketer Quarterly’s Email Awards. Return Path was thrilled for their client when Marketer Quarterly announced Gilt City as the winner of their Best Daily Deal Email category.

Once the award arrived at the Return Path office, I had the pleasure of presenting the award to the Gilt Team, accompanied by a few of my colleagues—including Return Path CEO Matt Blumberg. When we arrived at Gilt, the level of excitement was immediately apparent. A room filled with Gilt’s marketing team greeted us with applause, snacks, and even some champagne. It was a great experience. Not only were we able to recognize and congratulate a deserving client on a job well done, but we also had the privilege to share that moment of triumph and get to know Gilt’s team who all clearly have extensive knowledge of the email industry.

The whole experience illustrates a story of three separate companies indirectly crossing paths and underscores the notion that email marketing is extremely relevant and still a key factor in the success of marketers around the world.

Jennifer Chong, Email Marketing Specialist
James DeStefano, Director, CRM & Email Marketing, Gilt City
Jim Young, Return Path RM
Don Darlington, Return Path TAM
Jennifer Chong, Email Marketing Specialist
James DeStefano, Director, CRM & Email Marketing, Gilt City
Ignacio “Nacho” Millas, General Manager, Gilt
Matt Blumberg, CEO, Return Path
Matt Blumberg, Return Path CEO
James DeStefano, Director, CRM & Email Marketing, Gilt City
Jennifer Chong, Email Marketing Specialist
Don Darlington, Return Path TAM
Jim Young, Return Path RM

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