Getting Smart (Alerts!) with Morningstar Inc.

Jason Rychter from Morningstar Inc. is a keen email marketer who constantly keeps tabs on his email program. Morningstar, a leading provider of independent investment research, maintains impeccable inbox placement and reputation by using Return Path to ensure everything’s running smoothly. As their Technical Account Manager, I work hand in hand with Jason and his team to make sure they are getting the most out of their email marketing programs. Jason’s team is one of many at Morningstar that sends both marketing and transactional messages using multiple platforms.

So when Jason got a Smart Alert regarding a new IP address needing to be warmed up, he connected across the company teams and with me to ensure the right steps were taken to address sending from a new IP address.

When this Smart Alert was triggered, Jason accepted the real-time alert as a task in the Mission Control dashboard and reached out to other members of the marketing team to make sure this was the IP address they had been warming for the new sending. With the information gained from the Smart Alert, Jason reminded this team that there can be potential deliverability issues with a new IP address and to make sure to use the ESP’s warm up option to throttle the rate at which emails are being sent to avoid reputation issues for the new IP address.

(sample alert for sending IP address has not been warmed up)

The team confirmed to Jason that the IP address was indeed the new one they were in the process of warming up and everyone remained connected on the changes to the email program. By having this additional information, the reputation of the IP address can be managed during a vital time so inbox placement is stable and the IP address stays healthy as sending volume increases. I also kept them in the know about what to watch for during the process and continued to monitor the sending to ensure the warm up went smoothly.  

Had this not been the IP address they were expecting to see sending from, the Smart Alert would have indicated that the team needed to do research into why mail was being sent from an unwarm IP address. The alert also includes additional knowledge resources to use for further troubleshooting if necessary.

“Esther and her team have been instrumental in helping Morningstar elevate our email marketing program to new heights! We’re extremely lucky to have her as an extension of our email marketing team, and greatly value the strong relationship we’ve built. Esther will continue to play a crucial role as we work to maximize deliverability across our email marketing programs” said Jason.

Across teams, people may be working on different brands, with different domains and different sending IP addresses. In Jason’s case, not only did the alert keep his team connected on updates, changes, and the direction of mailing throughout the company, but it also ensured the emails being sent on the new IP address would reach each recipient’s inbox because of the warm up plan the team had in place.

It’s the collaborative relationship Jason and I have built that helped both Morningstar and Return Path improve and stay connected on important email program initiatives.

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