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emily_gatesLast month we welcomed Emily Gates our new VP of Global Client Services. In her new role, Emily will have a significant impact on client services, directing them towards becoming a more collaborative and effective team that will be more efficient in identifying and resolving our clients’ issues. Since her role will have a direct impact on our customers, we wanted to sit down with Emily and get her thoughts on Return Path, what new changes we have to look forward to, as well as learning a little bit about who she is and what experience she will bring to the Return Path team.

1. What is your background?
My background is in helping grow and build high performing global client services teams, specializing in SaaS technologies, big data and market research innovation, always with a focus on driving client satisfaction and revenue. I’ve worked with many different companies at different stages of growth, which allowed me the experience to grow and build a client services organizational structure from the ground up or adapt a new structure to an existing model.

2. What new insights or experiences will you bring to Return Path?
My experience with a wide range of software companies and marketing initiatives—including consumer insights, big data, and social media analytics—gives me a unique view that allows me to apply my experience around quality service, scalability, and structure. My background also teaches me to keep my eyes open to other opportunities for Return Path to help its clients beyond traditional email deliverability and optimization practices.

3. What excites you about joining Return Path?
After helping build a small start-up and then transitioning to a massive global organization, I was excited to join a mid-sized company with a lot of potential. Return Path is still small enough to make nimble change but established enough to have a very defined expertise, strong credibility in the market, and a fantastic list of clients that want to collaborate and innovate with our team.

4. What is the most surprising thing you’ve learned about Return Path so far?
Coming from a slightly different background, I have been wowed by the volume of email that is sent every day and the level of complexity surrounding what it takes before that message reaches the inbox. We all take it for granted when we check our inboxes every morning and assume that it’s all a very simple process. When so much volume, consumer engagement, and revenue opportunity hinges upon that email, I can see why deliverability is so critical to our clients ROI.

5. What changes should we expect from Return Path Client Services in 2016 and beyond?
We will be making a lot of changes going forward. Some will be large and some will be smaller, both helping us fine tune how we assist our clients. The biggest change we will be making is merging the global services team into one collaborative team. This will allow us to be more efficient in collaborating and showcasing our value, elevating our level of service at a global level. With every customer touch point, we want consistency in quality in everything we do. We want to make it simple as possible for our customers to get their email questions answered and make email optimization easy.

6. What does good customer service mean to you?
Good service is all about practicing customer empathy. If you know and understand your client’s business and can take a walk in their shoes, the more you are able to quickly and efficiently find solutions and strategies to help them meet their business objectives.

7. How do Return Path Client Services differ from other email deliverability or email optimization solutions available?
At Return Path, we provide best in class services and solutions for deliverability and optimization. We have access to very unique, proprietary data that we collect from a variety of sources and leverage to provide an in-depth analysis of our clients programs as well as the email ecosystem, allowing us to deliver solutions that drive success.

Alongside our wealth of data, the Return Path Client Services team is composed of some of the best and brightest minds in the email space. True experts who are dedicated to helping their clients with a range of service options and tools, allowing marketers to tailor their Return Path relationship to meet their exact needs.

8. How is the Client Services team structured?
The team is structured with a variety of experts focusing on client onboarding, support, daily account management and more hands on strategic optimization solutions. Depending on the complexity of your program and the depth of support you need, we are designed to find the right balance of service and support.

9. What’s one thing you want our customers to know about you?
Please don’t be a stranger. I am very curious and passionate about your business goals and how we can better support your needs today and in the future. The one thing I’ve learned is that every email department is structured and supported a bit different in every company. None of our clients seem to do the exact same job and email is only one aspect of their challenging roles. The more I understand these nuances, the better I can build a flexible and skilled team to meet a diversity of needs.

10. What do you like to do outside of work?
I’m a travel junkie, yogi, cultural junkie, foodie, a true “global roamer”, and I enjoy balancing my personal passions with my professional goals, so it’s a good fit.

Do you have any additional questions you would like to ask Emily? Feel free to write them in the comment section below.

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