It’s Time to Get the Fundamentals of CRM Data Management Right

Data may have once been seen as a byproduct of transacting business, but today it is the driving force of successful organizations across the globe. Just as evolving technologies like AI, IoT and autonomous vehicles rely on accurate data for optimal performance, businesses rely on quality data to operate and succeed. It all starts with getting the fundamentals of CRM data management right.

When data quality goes unchecked, companies risk using inaccurate, incomplete, or misleading information to make business decisions. The more they can’t trust their data, the greater the chance they’ll miss sales opportunities, impact customer confidence and engagement, and ultimately lose revenue.


Data Quality Propels Business Growth

But for companies that achieve high quality data, the rewards are both tangible and intangible. In fact, according to Forrester, businesses that embrace a data-driven strategy are growing 30% year-over-year (that’s eight times faster than the global GDP) and are on pace to make $1.8 trillion annually by 2021.

When businesses ensure they’re working with accurate, clean data in their CRM, they can experience better client relationships, deliver seamless customer experiences, and create more effective sales and marketing campaigns. They can uncover valuable insights that maximize their use of advanced technologies and inspire the development of new products and services. It’s a compounded win that propels both B2C and B2B companies forward and helps them outshine the competition.


Applying the Fundamentals of CRM Data Management

How can you ensure your company’s name is among those that are data-driven?

In our new ebook, The Fundamentals of CRM Data Management, we reveal:

  • The primary reason 40% of business initiatives fail to reach their goals
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of poor CRM data management
  • The right questions to ask when developing a data management strategy
  • A five-part plan to make sure your data is accurate and actionable

With the sheer volume of data businesses produce or acquire, the number of channels through which that data flows or is used, and current and impending regulations that will likely have global impacts, this ebook is a timely reminder: Today’s companies must take a proactive approach to both data quality and data governance. Learn the fundamentals of each when you download our ebook today.



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