Fight or Flight? Dealing With Marketing Stress

Whether or not you believe we are in or heading to a recession, you most likely believe we are in times of uncertainty. If you are like the many clients I have talked to over the past few months, your budget has been frozen or cut. You still have goals to meet and now you need to meet them with fewer funds. This is not a fun or easy place for you to be in. The question is how will you react to this marketing stress. Will you fight or flee?

I hope everyone reading this chooses to fight. I hope you choose to make your own luck rather than waiting for luck to find you. I hope you choose to find a way to make more with less. These times of uncertainty are times of opportunity. An opportunity for you to shine. An opportunity for your business to not only exist, but grow.

If you are still reading, you chose to fight. Good for you! In order to fight and move forward, look at how your business has thrived until now. Was it a product, service, or brand experience? It may be all or some of these. For everyone though, it is your customers, your email subscribers. Without customers, we do not have a business. Your customers are your core. Protect your core. What do I mean by this? Your email database, your email program is what you have today that will take you to tomorrow. When funds needed to acquire new subscribers are frozen, focus on getting the most out of what you have, your current email subscriber base. How do you do this? There are many ideas out there but I like to simplify it into two ways – placement and promotion.

But before I start, let me tell you what won’t work. Sending more and more of the same. You’ll burn your file and trash your sender reputation, creating bigger problems down the line.

First, make sure you know if your email is getting to the inbox (placement). I am not talking about not bouncing. I mean is it in the inbox. If you answer, “I think so”, then you do not know. The only way to know is to have a solution which gives you this information. Our clients know their inbox deliverability, you can too with Return Path’s monitoring tools. Our subscribers need to receive our email messages in order to read and act upon them. Make sure you know whether your subscribers received your email. If they are not, then seek help to resolve your delivery issues. Getting more email into the inbox will increase your revenue. A very good thing in a tough economy.

Next, now that you know your subscribers are receiving your email know what they want (promotion). You know by looking at data. Look at each campaign, each subscriber over time. Get data on when and what your subscribers did so you can find out why they did it. Knowing why your subscribers do something is golden. You then know what you should send and when. What this does is increase the probability that they will act upon your email. Does this sounds like it would take a lot of work and a bunch of resources you don’t have? It could if you tackled it on your own. Return Path offers services to compile and interpret this data for you.

Combining getting the message to your subscribers with content they want based on behavior is a winning formula. Yes there are more actions you can take, but if you know your customers received your promotion and the promotion was relevant and what they want to receive from you, you are on your way to not only existing, but growing as a business.

Good ideas, but they cost money and my budget is frozen, you may be thinking. Make your own luck, do not wait. Even though budgets are frozen, most companies have funds allocated to different projects. You are not asking for more funds, you are talking about reallocation of funds. If you have a budget for print, search or online marketing, reallocate funds to knowing your inbox deliverability and why and when your consumers respond to your email program. Protect your core!

Will you fight or hide? Will you make your own luck or wait for luck to find you? Pick up the phone and call us at 1.866.EMAILRP or use this web form and we will contact you. Give us 15 minutes of your time and learn how we can help you fight for not only your company’s existence in these uncertain economic times but your company’s growth.

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