Fake DNSBL Nszones.com Uncovered by Spamhaus

Neil Schwartzman
By Neil Schwartzman
Senior Director, Security Strategy, Receiver Services

Fake DNSBL operators nszones.com were today named on The Spamhaus Project website.

Nszones.com apparently lists IPs found in other DNSBLs, and charges five euros for delisting.

Senders and receivers should beware this enterprise; like scareware, those websites and popups that randomly inform you your computer is infected with a virus, and they can sell you the solution, NSZones gives legitimate DNSBL operators a bad name by publishing fake data, and charging you to get delisted.

DNSBL listings can be tricky matters; senders should determine how many addresses are affected by a given listing, and consider side-stepping the issue by dropping addresses at a given receiver who uses dodgy DNSBLs.

Remember, it is their right to refuse your mail by using a DNSBL or for any other reason, but you are well within your rights to suspend mailings to addresses affected by receivers or DNSBLs that are intransigent, or as is this case, fake.

Return Path does not recommend paying a fee for a delisting from a DNSBL, ever.

Return Path Certified and our Black List Alert tool only reference DNSBLs that have been carefully reviewed, paying consideration in terms of their footprint in the receiver world, conservative listing policies, and ease and responsiveness in the delisting process.

To arrive at our final list for Certification, we consulted DNSBLs operators, receivers, members of the MAAWG senior advisory panel and Senders’ Subcommittee. Black List Alert expands on that list. The DNSBLs Return Path references in our tools are relevant, and ones that you should be concerned about should you be listed.

Listings may be frustrating, but ultimately may point to difficulties with your sign-up processes, infrastructure or other sending practices that you can change, for the better. Listings at fake DNSBLs, of course, do no such thing

Return Path Gold and Platinum client services, and our professional services team can help to identify, and mitigate blacklistings. Get in touch if you wish to find out more about our tools and consulting services.

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