View Time Optimization

Deliver your emails to top inbox positions the moment users are active so you can drive more impressions, more engagement, and more conversions from your best audiences.

Stand out in a crowded inbox.

Higher email volume has made subscriber inboxes more congested – that’s why being at the top of the inbox is so important. View Time Optimization (VTO) by Yahoo is the only technology in the world that takes the guesswork out of when to send emails to Yahoo and AOL mailboxes. With VTO, your emails are delivered to top inbox positions the moment users are active so you can drive more impressions, more engagement, and more conversions.

Get your best emails in front of more people.

VTO is a great way to amplify engagement from your campaigns that follow best practices and resonate with your recipients. VTO helps ensure your best subscribers see your message in their inbox, leading to increased engagement and a greater impact on conversions. VTO also helps increase the visibility of time-sensitive or triggered messages to drive urgency and action before it’s too late. VTO works with any email service provider (ESP) and offers flexible implementation methods so you can choose which approach is best for you.

“Our business is seasonal; we have strong holiday goals and are always fighting for space in the inbox. Anything we can do to get our message lifted is important. We were hesitant at first to use VTO on important days like Cyber Monday and Black Friday, when we knew we would be sending multiple emails a day, but it worked.”

Jen Partin – Sr. Email Marketing Manager
Hickory Farms

Generate more revenue from your email marketing campaigns.

VTO is a unique, proprietary Yahoo solution offered by Validity. The technology is fully integrated into Everest, giving you all the tools and data you need to optimize your email campaigns in a single platform. By combining Everest and VTO, you can maximize the number of messages delivered to Yahoo inboxes. You can also maximize subscriber engagement by delivering messages at the optimal time to get the best performance. This leads to greater ROI from your email marketing channel.

Increase brand impressions and improve campaign performance with on-time delivery to top inbox positions.

Set up time with one of our guides today to see how Everest will help you get more opens, clicks, and conversions from your email marketing program.

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