Establish a Data Ecosystem to Tap the Full Power of Your CRM

Your organization expects significant ROI from its CRM, but is the data it holds robust in quantity, but not quality? Are you tapping the full power of your CRM?

The Power of Your CRM

CRMs are designed to give you a clear picture of who your customers are and your relationship with them at any given point in time. The information your CRM contains can be used to improve your marketing messaging, sales strategies, and customer service. It can help you personalize communications, tailor messaging to the channel and the individual, and build and manage meaningful customer relationships. But its ability to help you do those things well is ultimately tied to the quality of the data your CRM contains.

If you don’t implement strategies to ensure the data being entered is accurate or put processes in place to keep it that way, your CRM database will be robust in quantity, but not in quality. That’s why establishing a data ecosystem, with a properly planned map to achieve maximum CRM data quality is key for your organization.

Email Verification: An Important Step

To illustrate why having a data ecosystem is important, consider just one element of your CRM database and how much your entire organization relies on its accuracy: email addresses.

Digital marketing campaigns can succeed or fail based on the deliverability of the message, and incorrect and undeliverable email addresses skew campaign ROI and can damage the organization’s sender reputation. Customer success teams rely on email addresses to build relationships with clients and sales teams need email accuracy to nurture leads.

But email addresses change frequently, and the average email list decays at a rate of 22 percent per year. This makes having email verification part of your data ecosystem and data quality processes essential.

Without a properly mapped data ecosystem, you might focus on obvious data cleansing efforts like deduplication. You may even look to third-party tools to help you filter data automatically, standardize data fields, and mass update records fluidly. But you could miss the critical element of email verification because it was simply something you didn’t plan for. That’s not maximizing the power of your CRM and it’s certainly not getting you the ROI you expect from your digital marketing campaigns.

Craft a Data Ecosystem

Harnessing the power of your CRM is dependent on the value it provides. Establishing a data ecosystem can help you boost that power exponentially.

To help you craft your own data ecosystem, we recommend viewing this on-demand webinar from John Zilch, Director of Product Management at Validity: Craft and Launch Your Salesforce Data Journey. Additionally, we’ve provided an example of an effective data ecosystem here that takes into account the data cleansing, standardization, deduplication, and verification steps that are necessary to achieve truly clean and actionable data.

Power of Your CRM

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More Tools to Tap the Power of Your CRM

We encourage you to implement a data ecosystem and see the returns multiply. To explore the products you’ll need for success, check out Validity Connect for Salesforce or Validity Connect for Microsoft Dynamics 365.


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