Email Verification is Part 1; Tailored Messaging is Part 2

Email Verification Ensures You’re Sending to a Verified Email Address, but Tailored Messaging Ensures You’re Reaching Your Target Audience

At Validity, we know email verification. Our email verification solution, BriteVerify, is one of the leading products in the email verification industry, and we pride ourselves on helping companies worldwide reach their target audience through verified emails.

However, the power of email verification stops when your email has been verified (and ReturnPath is what takes your email from A to B). Once your email is delivered, it’s up to an email marketer to ensure its opened and the message appropriately resonates with the audience.

When you begin crafting an email marketing campaign, the two most important considerations are your content and your audience. Is the message you are sharing appropriate for your intended audience? Is the message you’re sending appropriate for your entire email list, or is there a portion of that list it would be more suited for?

The answer to these questions will contribute to the success of your campaign. To ensure your email campaign resonates and encourages action, use tailored messages.

What is a Tailored Email Campaign?

Email Verification & Tailored Messaging A tailored email campaign is when you craft emails specifically intended for a subset of your email list. It’s a more personalized approach to email marketing. You gather content that could benefit or speak to a specific group of your email subscribers and send regularly scheduled emails based on that content.

Why Opt for Tailored Messages?

While there are some messages that should apply to all your customers – for example, announcing the launch of a new product – sometimes there’s messaging that will only prove effective for a portion of them. That’s where tailored messages are useful.

Tailoring your campaign allows you to focus your message on one individual group. Rather than blasting your entire list with information that may not be pertinent for all of them, you target one part of it with targeted content.

It’s also beneficial to use tailored email messaging because, simply put, it works. In fact, studies have shown emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened than those without, and Rich Relevance found that revenue is 5.7 times higher in emails that utilize personalization.

How to Maximize Your Campaign’s Effectiveness

To manage a successful email campaign with effectively tailored messages, there are a few best practices you should employ:

  • Segmentation

Segmentation is the practice of splitting your email list by categories. The categories you choose to select are entirely dependent on what is useful for you. You can select a geographic location, age, the type of product the customer has bought, or any other differentiating feature.

Opting for a customer relationship management (CRM) tool with segmentation capability is critical if you want to run a tailored email campaign. Otherwise, you may have to undergo the time-consuming task of sorting through your email list to separate users in the categories you need distinguished.

  • Ensure the Accuracy of Your CRM Data & Utilize Email Verification

You can craft the most compelling, effective email messages, but if the data within your CRM isn’t accurate, you may not be getting your message to the right people. Ensuring data accuracy through standardization and automated data cleansing is how you ensure your customer data is up to date.

Email verification is one of the most vital components of running an effective tailored messaging campaign. The email addresses of your segmented list need to be accurate to ensure your message is reaching the right audience.

Once your lists have been segmented, you should validate the email addresses as your last step before launching your campaign. Partnering with a data management specialist who can validate the integrity of the addresses on your list can take this significant task off your plate while optimizing the chances of your campaign’s future success.

In Summary…

A tailored email campaign is a digital marketing tactic that lets you use specificity to reach a portion of your audience with a message written with just them in mind. Its effective, and it should be used as often as you can.

But even the most well-crafted email campaigns are completely worthless unless you’re ensuring they’re reaching your target audiences inboxes. Email verification is paramount, and that’s where Validity comes in. With Validity BriteVerify, you’ll increase your email marketing campaign ROI, protect your sender reputation, and ensure you stay off blacklists. Plus, BriteVerify is fully GDPR compliant and integrates with most major ESPs, marketing platforms, and CRMs. BriteVerify works where you do, so contact us today to learn more and schedule a free demo.

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