Email + Social: Appetizing Integration

To get the creative juices flowing, let’s take a look at two examples of marketing campaigns from this spring and summer that leveraged an email and social media integrated model.  Warning: Beware the power of suggestion.  If you were planning on a salad for lunch, don’t read on.

In April KFC launched the marketing campaign for its new Double Down sandwich via email first and banked on its email subscribers acting as social media evangelists for the brand.  They launched a simple email with just a picture of the sandwich and a call to action to share it via social media.

The message saw a 40% open rate, a 30% increase in email opt-ins, 10,000 shares on Facebook and 2,000 retweets.  The buzz drove the phrase “Double Down” to the #2 spot on Google’s Hot Search list and #3 on Yahoo’s Buzz Index.  Not bad for one email.  To read more, click here.

In August Domino’s launched a campaign to use an online game featuring 80’s pizza icon “The Noid” to grow both their Facebook fan base and their email list.  In order to play the game, “Noid Super Pizza Shootout”, players must “like” Domino’s, thereby spreading word of the game to their networks.   Winners receive a $10 gift card.  Losing players are offered a coupon.  To receive the gift card or coupon they are asked for their email address.  Players are initially opted in to receive Domino’s marketing emails but have the option to opt out.  Read more about this campaign.

What do these two campaigns have in common (besides making us hungry)?  Having a strategy that allows the two channels to complement one another.  Instead of just sending an email with a link to a coupon or the KFC site, KFC harnessed the power of its social influencers and used the proven track record of email to reach them.  Domino’s embraced the best practice of engaging consumers by being interactive but was sure not to just give away a coupon by posting it online.  Email was required.  They also brought back an 80’s and 90’s icon that would peak the interest of consumers who were kids then, would get a kick out of seeing the Noid again and are now active social media users.

So the next time you’re planning a new initiative for either channel, make sure you have parties from both your email and social marketing teams at the table.  And be sure to serve lunch.

(Re-posted from The Magill Report.)

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