Email Marketing is BIG in Australia

Matt Blumberg
By Matt Blumberg
CEO & Chairman

As I mentioned in in an earlier post, Return Path is celebrating its 10-year anniversary as a global leader in the email technology market. Over this period we’ve seen the email channel, evolve, progress and in some instances regress but despite all the upheaval and regularly scheduled predictions of its demise, email remains the most popular, necessary and cost-effective Internet technology. No matter where in the world you live or work, you rely on email for your personal and professional communications – especially in Australia as evidenced by the just released Big Australia Email Report.

This report, the first of it’s kind in Australia, comes courtesy of our partner Eservices Email, the leading email service provider in Australia. (The publication of this report also marks Eservices 10th anniversary, congratulations on an amazing track record!) Like most people in this space, I am a regular consumer of the individual metrics-based reports on email trends and the behavioral reports based on survey data. It is rare and refreshing to read a study that weaves strong analysis on behavior and metrics into one report.

The Eservices research finds that the Australian email marketer is a sophisticated and experienced practitioner. Australian-based marketers use the same tools and processes as their North American and European colleagues. The main differences lie in where and how they spend their time and money. Australians share another key challenge with email marketers across the globe: they lack the experience and resources to set-up and manage their inbox placement (i.e. deliverability). Return Path and Eservices have been working together to educate the Australian marketplace on this critical aspect of email marketing. Why is this so important? Email that doesn’t reach the inbox doesn’t get opened or clicked on. No open, no click, no return.

In summary it’s a terrific report with insightful information for email marketers of every size, stripe and nationality. Other key findings include:

• Marketers are moving to email at a fast rate with 2 out of 3 planning to grow their use of the channel;
• 50% of decision makers evaluate the success of their email program still based on the size – rather than the health of their data base;
• Opens are trending up but click rates are trending down making relevance essential
• Two thirds of companies don’t address ‘inbox placement’ appropriately
• There has been a 400% increase in use of iPhone for viewing emails- but this is still less than 2.1% of overall email viewing.
• Transactional emails (welcomes, notifications) have 2-3 times the positive feedback to traditional email marketing.

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