Email is King!

Email still reigns king! I know in the digital marketing world it’s an old-timer (some 45 years old!) and it’s not new and sexy, but when you look at your bottom line, email marketing still comes out on top and it’s still your customers’ preferred way of hearing from you. Still not convinced? Just take a look at some of these statistics featured in Return Path’s latest eBook — Email Marketing for Retailers: The complete guide to maximizing your email ROI.


Consumers report that email is their preferred method of contact and it shows with the ROI email marketer’s see. So it stands to reason, if customers prefer email and email drives more business—marketers need to be doing everything in their power to get into the inbox!

There are several factors needed to create a top-notch email marketing program and have your brand be top of mind with your customers. Managing inactive subscribers and targeting engaged subscribers is one of the most effective ways our clients have moved the dial on inbox placement. I know the thought of letting go of a potential buyer is scary, but do you really want the  “zombies” on your list to kill your ROI? Mailbox providers are increasingly looking to engagement metrics to make filtering decisions and if your emails go to the junk folder then you are missing out on a lot more than just potential buyers—your loyal buyers will be missing important offers as well!

For many clients, implementing engagement filters and suppressing subscribers that have not recently engaged (e.g., last 6 months, last 90 days, etc.) have made drastic improvements in deliverability. We’ve seen one sender go from 3 percent% to nearly 100 percent inbox placement almost overnight. While results are not always immediate, it’s important to realize the value you are gaining by removing the inactive users harming your list.9-22-2016-8-16-23-am

This probably isn’t a long-term plan, and we know how important list size is, but once you are consistently reaching the inbox then you can work on ways to win back those unengaged subscribers with a re-engagement campaign. List suppressions also shouldn’t be applied blindly, but a strategy should be put in place based on sending segments, domains, or it may work best when targeted to problematic mailbox providers.

Another factor that plays into having a strong email program is frequency. There is a delicate balance between over-mailing and under-mailing. When you mail too much, you can drive subscribers to unsubscribe and lose them for good, or worse, they might complain. When you mail too little, you can be forgotten and overlooked in a subscriber’s crowded inbox. Finding that frequency balance means that you actually can send less and get more.


With the holidays around the corner, it’s essential to make sure you are getting into the inbox and maximizing your email ROI. Download Return Path’s latest eBook—Email Marketing for Retailers: The complete guide to maximizing your email ROI for a roadmap on where to start and what factors to focus on to ensure you are making it into your customer’s inbox! Long live email…still the king!

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