Email Genius Academy Intern Spotlight: Michelle Vonick

Michelle Vonick

Return Path position: Channel Sales Intern in Broomfield, Colorado

Education: Business Major, Stonehill College (Easton, Massachusetts). Expected Graduation: 2017

Describe your typical day at Return Path
A typical day at Return Path for me includes creating a Google Site, creating sales stories, and assisting with any other projects that my team is working on.

To give more detail, Return Path has an internal website—called the Wiki—that is used to access information about any department. Channel Sales has their own page on Wiki. However, the Wiki has its difficulties. My big project this summer is to transfer the information from the Channel Wiki page into a Google Site. Every day I am constantly involved with the Google Site and am tasked with adding, changing, or removing information. In addition to content management, I also experiment a lot with the layout and design of the website as my goal is to make it professional and align with the Return Path brand.

The other big project that I work on is handling the creation of sales stories. Sales stories are company briefs that I compile, using Inbox Insight and Internal Tools, to identify where Return Path can help a potential client and why they should buy RP products. These sales stories help Channel Sales Managers (CSMs) and Regional Sales Executives (RSEs) spark conversations with partners or clients about Return Path. I enjoy creating these because they allow me to see how Return Path’s products benefit our clients.

Besides these two projects, a typical day for me includes meetings. At Return Path, collaboration is a big part of any position you are in. Being able to work with others is a large part of being successful at the company.

What is your favorite aspect about being an intern at Return Path?
My favorite aspect about being an intern at Return Path is the people. Although this sounds cliché, it is true that the atmosphere here is one-of-a-kind. I feel privileged to have an internship at not only such a respectable company, but at one where they truly value their workers.

Also, who doesn’t love free food!? Besides having great co-workers, RP wants you to stay well fed. In the Colorado office, RP provides a catered lunch every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. In addition to the lunches, there is a fully stocked kitchen with snacks and drinks. I have spoken with many workers here who have said that at all of their past jobs they did not get food. Once again, this is just a sign of how the company values the health and happiness of their workers.

What type of advice would you give to future interns looking to work at Return Path?
There are two pieces of advice that I would give to future interns:

  1. Get involved in the company: By this I mean participate in off-site events, go to Lunch-N-Learns, and go to meetings that you are not required to attend. I think it is really important to fully immerse yourself in the company as a way to learn about the people, the different parts of the business, and whether or not this is something you can really see yourself doing in the future.
  2. Work hard: Return Path values hard work and is very thankful for your effort. I remember sitting in an introduction meeting for new members with some of the top level management. At this meeting, senior employees told funny stories to help illustrate how the values of the company manifest in day-to-day business. The last thing that the CEO, Matt Blumberg, said was something along the lines of: “One of my favorite things about this company is that people are so thankful.” Later that day, I received an envelope from a co-worker who I had been helping with a small project. Inside the envelope I found a thank you note and a $10 Amazon gift card thanking me for my hard work and help with this project.

What is one item on your bucket list?
Travel as much as possible!

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