Email Data: Getting Beyond Opens, Clicks, and Conversions

As a veteran of two ESPs with over 10 years of experience, I can tell you that the goals of an ESP are pretty clear: help clients grow their business through email. To do that, ESPs offer sophisticated tools to build and deploy email campaigns, manage subscriber lists and content, collect campaign data, and report on program results.

But a truly successful email program requires more than just great emails, and there’s a limit to the insights an ESP can provide based on the data in the sender’s email program. Opens, clicks, and conversions are the KPIs that most senders focus on, but these measures only tell one side of the story.

What about everything that’s happening outside the sender’s email program? For example:

  • How many competing offers are subscribers receiving?
  • What subject lines and content do subscribers choose to engage with?
  • How many emails fail to hit the inbox due to blacklists, complaints, or IP reputation?
  • Which list segments are being under-targeted, and which are being over-targeted?
  • How is email content rendering across various email clients and devices?

Senders need to understand all of these complex nuances and constantly optimize their strategy based on what they’ve learned – all of which is possible with the right data. By combining their own data with Return Path’s proprietary email ecosystem and consumer data, ESPs can offer deeper transparency into all aspects of an email program, including performance, engagement, and competitive analysis. More than 300 ESPs worldwide currently partner with Return Path for email program optimization.

With Return Path and the ESP working together, senders have everything they need for enhanced insights, optimized strategy, and more meaningful subscriber engagements.

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