Easily Diagnose and Solve Deliverability Issues with our New Email Optimization Solutions

Return Path is a staple in email marketing. For the last 16 years, we’ve lead the market in helping companies improve email deliverability, reputation, and response. Our Email Optimization solutions are first in class, offering incredibly valuable insights into email marketing practices and results.

Today, I am excited to announce the launch of our new Email Optimization solutions, including the Mission Control dashboard and Deliverability Wizard. With this launch, we are proud to showcase our first step towards a more actionable software solution. This launch also brings a leap in technology and performance while continuing to leverage the immense power our data networks offer.

It’s been said that “Innovation is not the result of chance. It’s the result of action. It’s not a thing to wait for, it’s a thing to do.” -Phil McKinney

Our new Mission Control dashboard offers robust insights into an organization’s overall email marketing health. Mission Control is built on our Next Generation platform, bringing a new user interface, a more usable workflow, and a highly performant platform to build out the rest of the product offering.

The Deliverability Wizard is built on a machine learning and anomaly detection model to ensure you are alerted at the first sign of a problem with any one of the campaigns or IP addresses you may be tracking. We learn from your interactions with the Deliverability Wizard to surface only relevant issues to your specific brand and sending habits. We are silently monitoring and diagnosing an immense amount of data points, and alerting with actionable solutions to any issues we may have detected.


We sit on one of the largest databases of email and customer behavior data in the world. This release offers a glimpse into what we have planned for our Next Generation platform using these vast data networks and where we plan to drive actionable insights through the product moving forward. No single company is better situated to observe and interpret some of the most interesting insights from the email ecosystem. Likewise, no other company is more naturally equipped to convert these insights into actionable improvements for your email programs. Here at Return Path, we are excited for the opportunity to share these insights with you.

Though I may be biased, I feel we have one of the brightest teams of email marketing and deliverability experts, data scientists, and engineers. Together with our incredible customer base, we are driving meaningful recommendations and actionable insights from hundreds of thousands of senders across billions of emails each and every month. This launch sets the foundation for us to expand and enhance our product offering in ways that have previously not been possible. We are listening to your feedback and I invite you to continue to share your experiences with me and the rest of the team here at Return Path.

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