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Here’s what you’ll get with your assessment:

Diagnose and Highlight:

  • Duplicates
  • Missing Phone & Email Fields
  • Malformed Data
  • Invalid Emails

Determine Your Overall Record Quality

  • Sort your records into five categories
  • Focus on which data issues to address
  • Analyze your data holistically and per object

“I logged into DemandTools as an admin before I’d even seen the Salesforce login page – and I’m thrilled to see the investment Validity has made to reboot this incredible tool. Saving scenarios, manipulating data right inside Salesforce using smart criteria – saved hours of admin time, giving me the space I needed to make Salesforce’s really relevant for my sales users, and the knowledge to confidently save time migrating data for my clients as I progressed into consultancy. I absolutely love it hand on heart.”

Gemma Blezard – Salesforce MVP & CEO The Architech Club

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Manage your data in minutes, not months.

Manage all aspects of your data in bulk with repeatable processes instead of record by record or need by need.

Get accurate, report-ready data you can trust.

Dedupe, standardize, and assign records automatically as they come in from spreadsheets, end user entry, and integrations.

Market, sell, and support more effectively.

Get clean data to improve the performance of sales, marketing, and support, as well as the revenue and retention they generate.

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