Dreamforce 2019: Key Takeaways from the Validity Team

In the midst of all the excitement of #DF19, some of our team members were experiencing their first Dreamforce, while others were experiencing their 14th. We asked several of them to highlight the topics and experiences that hit home with them the most. Here’s what they had to say.


Evan Michalski
Director of Product Management
10th Year at Dreamforce
  • When Salesforce introduced Customer 360 Truth during the keynote, it mirrored a huge theme we’ve seen with our customers needing a complete, accurate picture of the data to know if they are getting the complete picture of their business, whether it’s a customer, pipeline, or forecast. What must also be a part of that discussion? You can’t get there without trust in your customer data and knowing that the picture isn’t polluted by dupes, bad data, and reps not completing processes.
  • Einstein and AI took center stage during the show. As part of the buzz around Einstein Voice (expected delivery Summer 2020 at the earliest), there was a lot of discussion around sales team forecasting, predictions, next best actions, etc., and the way voice enables teams to streamline after-meeting note entry. With this trend toward automating user actions through context and computer intelligence, it will be interesting to see how many additional applications will utilize this intelligent assistant by next year’s show.
  • With impending regulations that will likely mirror GDPR in the UK, data privacy was a big topic among Trailblazers. A clear goal for marketers will be implementing communication practices that respect customer preferences – not just with email, but across all marketing channels.
Olivia Hinkle
Product Marketing Manager
14th Year at Dreamforce
  • As part of CRMfusion and now Validity, I’ve been to my fair share of Dreamforce events. One of my goals this time around was to learn how different companies approach onboarding internal audiences as well as their customer base when they launch or acquire new products. As expected, the opportunity to connect with and learn from others at Dreamforce is still one of the things that makes these events so valuable.
  • As an experienced Salesforce admin, I love seeing solutions that make the day-to-day tasks of managing a CRM easier. So, I was happy to learn that Salesforce Optimizer, a tool that helps users streamline their Salesforce setup and usage, is now on the web and easily accessible. And as always, philanthropy, upcycling products, and the increased ability to customize even the “smallest” thing in Salesforce were huge crowd pleasers.
  • I enjoyed learning about Pi-TaP (which stands for Positively Impacting Teens and Parents), a company in Boston that gives mothers and their children hands-on training in Salesforce and helps teach them business soft skills. What a wonderful way to prepare individuals to leverage the CRM system companies count on.
Chris Hyde
VP Technical Operations International
2nd Year at Dreamforce
  • I felt there was a big push in two main areas: Customer 360 and Einstein. Conversations around them constantly referenced “good data,” and I hope this is an indication that the Salesforce community, as a whole, is moving toward a world where data quality is the major focus it should be.
  • Salesforce Customer 360 discussions seemed to be around getting to this notion of a “golden record,” but there was no real nod to overcoming a looming problem: duplicates that exist in each cloud, as well as across clouds. Perhaps it’s hard to admit how big the problem of poor data quality and duplicate records can be across clouds, but I think it’s important that we address it.
  • I felt there were too few sessions around data quality. However, I was thrilled when the host of a session that was on data quality asked for someone to name a really helpful app and why, and a UK admin user group leader responded, “DemandTools, because it’s the best data quality tool on the market for Salesforce.” Perhaps I’m a bit biased, but I really couldn’t agree more.

Top Dreamforce 2019 Takeaways

Other than being utterly floored by the number of A-list celebrities the event was able to draw as speakers, our team felt there were two major takeaways this year. The first was the obvious excitement around new announcements such as Customer 360 and what’s to come with Einstein Voice. The second was that data quality and privacy issues are at the forefront now more than ever. Businesses must be able to trust the data they have and their customers need to be able to trust how they use it. Validity’s class-leading collection of data quality solutions is poised to help businesses achieve and leverage trusted data – now and as regulations evolve. Learn more at: https://www.validity.com/validity-for-data-management/.

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