Do You Believe in Magic? Take Our Quiz and Find Out If Your Email Program Conjures Frogs or Princes

Margaret Farmakis
By Margaret Farmakis
Senior Director, Response Consulting

I’m thrilled to announce the launch of Return Path’s new email marketing response quiz: Are You An Email Marketing Wizard?

We get asked all the time by clients and prospects how their email programs compare to the best in the industry and what best practices they should be implementing to increase email channel ROI. With this Quiz, email marketers can now benchmark themselves based on the answers to ten questions about their email program. Find out if your email marketing skills qualify you as an Apprentice, a Magician, a Sorcerer or a Wizard.

Each of the 10 questions are designed to rate your email program on whether the best practices you use are basic (e.g., sending a welcome message); advanced (e.g., implementing segmentation); or best-in-class (e.g., employing a testing plan to optimize results). We also provide you with helpful information throughout the quiz that explains why these best practices are important to achieving email marketing success.

Our questions are also designed to track your progress across the email customer lifecycle. Are you acquisition focused or do you spend too much time on retention? Are you ignoring the importance of a subscriber’s lifetime value in favor of short-term conversions? Does your program respect the subscriber experience across the email lifecycle?

Poof! In less than a minute you can find out whether or not you’re Gandolf (with magical email marketing skills worthy of worship by all of Middle Earth) or if you’re closer to Mickey Mouse in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice (wreaking havoc with miscast spells that quickly mushroom out of control). Regardless of what level your email marketing program has achieved, there’s always room for improvement.

Based on your answers, our quiz results provide you a customized area of opportunity that you can focus on to further optimize your program and improve channel revenue and ROI. After all, while it’s important to know how your program measures up, it’s more useful to know how you can reach the next level of email marketing mastery. Of course, Return Path can help you every step of the way. Our team of Professional Services experts can work their magic to turn your wildest email marketing dreams into reality.

So don’t delay: adjust your robe, polish your wand and dazzle us with your magical skills. Does your email program have what it takes? There’s only one way to find out. Allakhazham!

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