Discover How Long Subscribers View Your Email With Our New Engagement Pixels

As email marketers all over the world know, the busiest and most important time of the year is almost upon us. Plans are being made, lists are being checked, and creatives are being designed. Return Path is one step ahead and making this time of year a bit easier for you. As an early holiday gift, Email Client Monitor (one of my personal favorite products and in my opinion one of the most useful) has gotten a face-lift. Actually, I take that back. Not JUST a face-lift.  This baby is getting a new hair-do, a fresh mani/pedi, and a brand new outfit perfect for the holiday season.  If you’re unfamiliar with Email Client Monitor or need some reminders or tips on how to use it, feel free to check out an earlier post on it here.

So what’s new?! With our new Email Client Monitor pixel you can better track engagement. I don’t just mean who opened your email or marked as read. You can now see how long your subscribers are reading your email! Our new pixel will group your subscribers into three categories:  Read (8 seconds or more), Skimmed (2-7 seconds), and Abandoned (less than 2 seconds). This is all great but what, exactly, does this mean?

Let’s say you just designed a new holiday campaign and you’re hoping to get a lot of traction with your new design. You can always check opens and clicks, but with the new ECM pixel you can take those metrics one step further. Add the pixel to your creative and see the engagement level of your subscribers with your email. Do you have a high skimmed rate and low read rate? Maybe the subject line was good, but the creative wasn’t enticing or there was no clear call to action. This would make people open and skim for 5 seconds but move on to the next email. Now that you have this baseline, you can start working on improving these numbers.  


This is helpful not just for testing new creatives, but also getting to know your subscriber database. You can use this pixel with different segments or lists to help you understand your subscribers and their habits. It will allow you to better segment your list, give you an idea of how effective your campaigns are, and assist you in making decisions on overall flow and layout in order to draw more readers in.  In the world of email marketing, you really cannot have too much information.

So before you start getting caught up in the holiday madness figure try out the new ECM pixel to learn more about your engagement levels — then start working on improving it!

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