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The industry-leading tool for complete data management

In today’s data-driven world, you need clean and accurate data in real time, every time. That’s what DemandTools gives you.

Here’s what you’ll get


Solutions for identifying, preventing and merging duplicates, and flexible lead conversion.


Solutions for clean data loading, on-demand data backups, and data manipulation.


Solutions for comparing external data to existing Salesforce data before import and verifying email addresses on demand.

Cleansing Modules

Single Table Dedupe

Find and merge duplicate records in standard and custom objects with advanced matching algorithms, custom master record selection, and field data retention techniques.


Prevent duplicates for standard and custom objects as records are created and modified in Salesforce with the ability to block, report or auto-merge duplicates.

Lead Conversion

Mass convert Leads in one pass without creating duplicate Contacts or Accounts using multi-layer matching techniques and conversion options.

Maintenance Modules

Mass Impact

Modify thousands of existing records using custom or out-of-the-box formulas or user specified values. Additionally, process object record counts or field sums for advanced reporting without changing your Salesforce configuration.


Import, update, upsert, export, delete, and undelete records with this easy to use ETL tool that has built-in data standardization and supports international characters, advanced file formats, and more.


Use multi-layer comparisons to deduplicate incoming data as you import it into Salesforce and execute campaign assignment and task creation for Leads, Contacts, and Accounts.


Modify data record-by-record or apply changes to an entire data set in a grid-based view of your data that also supports merging and helps identify and purge junk data.

Reassign Ownership

Mass transfer ownership of records and their related sub-object records in a single pass with single or multi rule-based assignments.


Create an automatic backup of Salesforce data leveraging the bulk API that can be saved as an .accdb or .csv file format.

Report Edit

Manage custom Salesforce reports with options to change the report name, description and folder, or delete reports en masse in an easy to use grid.

Discovery Modules

Find/Report IDs

Compare data from external files to Salesforce records of any object and return the Salesforce ID and other Salesforce field data when a match is found.


Verify Contact and Lead email addresses in bulk and on a schedule, and log the verification results on the record in Salesforce using BriteVerify email verification technology.

What DemandTools Delivers

With functionality to remove and prevent poor quality data before it affects your business, and the capacity to manage data in bulk, DemandTools is the data management powerhouse that ensures your data is the asset it should be.

Duplicate Management

Stop duplicates from diluting the accuracy and value of your data. Find and merge existing dupes based on your definition of a duplicate and retain the data you want with customizable field-level rules. Matching rules also fire when a record is created or edited to prevent duplicates at the source.

Data Modification and Standardization

Reduce the time it takes to modify data and process changes in bulk or use a grid-based view for fast record by record updates. Field level data can be modified with over 60 out-of-the-box and custom formulas and special filters help identify and purge junk data.

Lead Management

Identify duplicates between leads and contacts and leads and accounts to stop duplicate leads from frustrating your sales team. Convert leads in bulk when data processes or nurturing strategies change and note relationships with customer accounts so sales reps have all relevant information for selling and relationship management.

Import Management

Cleanly introduce new data with pre-import deduplication that ensures only new records are created and existing records are updated. Leads and contacts can be added to campaigns and have follow up tasks assigned during import for tracking and timely engagement touchpoints. The import tools also support multiple file types and perform upserts, exports, and record deletion.

Email Verification

Connect with prospects and customers and protect your sender reputation with email verification for leads and contacts. Expose which addresses are valid for sending and log the address status in Salesforce to easily exclude invalid addresses from your campaigns.

Report Management

Quickly remove outdated custom reports that make it difficult to find the most current and relevant reports. In one concise grid, view report created and last run dates to identify which reports to remove, and change report descriptions or their containing folder in minutes.

Data Backups

Perform on-demand backups prior to executing mass data changes like merging, and backup data on an automated schedule for fast data disaster recovery or to reverse unwanted changes.

Be the guardian of your most valuable business asset.

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The #1 global data quality tool used by thousands of Salesforce admins


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