Demand Gen: Unleashing Your Account-Based Marketing Muscle

Demand gen is a marketing buzz phrase circulating throughout the carpeted hallways of executive suites. It’s a tactic that is used to optimize a company’s greatest asset: their existing prospect and customer database. The strategy employs a holistic approach among the entire sales and marketing departments to identify promising sales opportunities that are primed for growth. As the adage goes, “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.”

Account-based marketing (ABM), also referred to as key account marketing, is an approach that views each existing account as an entity that can be mined individually, ready for greater opportunities such as increased sales or services.

There’s no question that client retention is far more economical than new client acquisition. According to Invesp, an online marketing agency, the cost of new customer recruitment is five times more expensive than retention. Demand generation takes customer retention to a whole new level. It leverages existing clients and identifies untapped sales or services ops, which in many cases, are low hanging fruit. ABM takes a longer-term approach to lead gen development. Rather than generate new business within a short conversion window, ABM involves more of a nurturing process that takes time to bring to fruition. Essentially, it is a marketing strategy designed to reinforce your brand within the existing account database. The goal is to take advantage of tactics that are targeting increased growth within your current client list.

There exists a plethora of tools that can be employed in order to strengthen recognition with a client who effectively places your brand in the customer’s top of mind. Dan Shewan, a freelance web content specialist, offers some guidelines to employ in order to get the most out of your account-based marketing lead gen opportunities.

  • Use “managed placements” in your Google ads. Rather than a scatter shot of poorly targeted messages, managed placements are ads placed on the Google Display Network where they appear on a website or specific page, mobile app, video content, or individual ad unit. Although the ad placement may generate some immediate conversion traffic, its real objective is to reinforce your brand among your client base by sharing great information that is of particular interest to clients. The goal is to build awareness among the existing customer base to promote your sales and services. For example, if your client is a travel agency, your ads can appear on sites relevant to the travel industry to solidify your brand among a well-targeted audience.
  • Take advantage of Google Ads remarketing campaigns. Remarketing paid search ad campaigns are a type of online advertising that allows websites to display targeted ads to users who are already customers or were previous visitors to your site.  It builds increasing awareness among past and present visitors who are already familiar with your brand.
  • Invest more in exceptional content creation. Inbound marketing plays an important role in any demand generation strategy. Great content should be viewed as a long-term investment in client retention and growth. The objective is to make your site a value-add resource that becomes a go-to destination for current, past and future clients.
  • Make your email campaign count. Not enough enterprises take advantage of the power of emails in their lead gen campaigns. Email marketing is one of the strongest conversion tools in your arsenal, which makes email database validity a crucial asset to your performance metrics. So, empower your teams to be more effective by implementing a solution that will help you maintain high-quality email marketing data, like Validity BriteVerify.

Interested in more reliable email marketing data to strengthen your demand gen or account-based marketing campaigns? With a simple drag and drop, Validity BriteVerify scans your email database, helping to reduce your bounce rate by up to 98% and providing you with the power to identify which email addresses are deliverable. And our real-time APIs work with online signup forms or anyplace you collect contact information to validate email addresses as they are entered.

  • Marketing can send campaigns, confident that their sender reputation isn’t being put at risk.
  • Sales can focus on real leads, knowing that a simple typo will no longer equal a missed opportunity.
  • Customer success teams can keep the lines of communication open, building relationships and fostering loyalty.

Our enterprise-level solutions support businesses in all industries and allow users to do so much more than verify email addresses. Leverage options that help you manage team spending, control how customer data is verified as well as who has access and monitor overall data health with reports on the quality of your team’s email lists and online forms. To learn more about how Validity BriteVerify can supercharge your email campaign with this best-in-class technology, contact us today.

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