Deliver Custom Content in Real Time, Any Time

Today, Return Path is pleased to introduce another innovative email solution as part of Return Path Certified Premium Services, our advanced set of technology and consulting solutions that help email senders increase revenue, engagement and deliverability. In partnership with Sympact, we’re pleased to offer Sympact Dynamic Images, which allows marketers and publishers to send emails with real-time pricing, geographic targeting and other timely data. Sympact Dynamic Images gives marketers the power to deliver relevant, custom emails for higher marketing ROI.

Return Path clients now have special access to this new solution that:

  • Creates Truly Relevant Email: Deliver just the right message at whatever time your subscriber chooses to engage with your email.
  • Drives Higher Response Rates: Sympact Dynamic Images enables creative freedom without limitation. Through dynamic outbound links, live data pulls and animations, you can create compelling offers that promote great email experiences that will drive higher response from your subscribers.
  • Eliminates Segmentation Complexity: Sympact Dynamic Images makes custom content easy for smart email marketers. It simply tailors individual advertisements in real-time by converting context into content. These ads can be displayed on the web or in email, without requiring any special software or long integration cycles.

Like the other services that are part of Certified Premium, Sympact Dynamic Images is an image-based service that works best in combination with Return Path’s Certification whitelist program. With images automatically turned on at top ISPs like Yahoo! and Hotmail for our Certified members, you can maximize the benefits of dynamic content and targeting.

Then, you can also pair Sympact’s advanced technology with the experts at Return Path, and receive an in-depth review of your email creative and a custom testing plan before you deploy your campaign. The Return Path team will help you design a long-term strategy for dynamic content insertion based on your testing results, reputation metrics and overall business goals. With this kind of expert help testing and implementing your content and optimization strategies, creating dynamic content is easier than ever.

Want more information? If you are a current Return Path client, talk to your Account Manager about how to get started. If not, email [email protected] to learn more.

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