CTAs: Here a Click, There a Click, Everywhere a Click-Click!

The call to action button (CTA) is one of the most important elements of your email. This is where you tell your subscribers how to interact with your email. The language, design, and length all affect the subscriber’s decision to click through.

Your email might have an enticing offer or new product, but if the call to action is unclear and hard to find, the likelihood of a click may decrease. While crafting your emails, take into account these seven tips for making your CTAs count.

7 Tips for Making Your CTA Stand Out:

1. Keep it short and sweet. A common problem with call to actions is that they are too long. It should be no more than four or five words. You want to have a clear action for your subscribers to take so they don’t second guess their decision to click through. In the J.Crew example below, the CTA is only four words, reiterates the copy above it, and tells the customer exactly what to do.


2. Location, location, location. You will want to make sure that your call to action button is above the fold; otherwise your customers might miss it which could result in losing clicks. You always want to keep the information you don’t want your customer to miss above the fold and anything secondary can go below.

3. Stand out. In order to make sure your CTA doesn’t get overlooked, you want to make sure  it stands out from the rest of your content.  Use contrasting colors and adding white space around your CTA will ensure it does not blend in with the rest of your message.

4. Show upNot everyone has their images turned on. Designing your CTA button as an image can result in a loss of clicks. Make sure that when you are creating your call to action, you take this into account and code your CTA button in HTML instead of using images so that your customers will always see it. 

5. Size matters. Your CTA button should be big enough that it stands out from the rest of the copy in your email, but not so big that it becomes a distraction from the message you are trying to convey. The Bed Bath & Beyond example below does a good job of balancing the right size for the CTA button so that it cannot be missed.


6. Quantity doesn’t equal quality. Too many calls to action can get distracting and even confusing for your readers. The purpose of the CTA button is to stand out, but if there are too many options, they lose their  effectiveness. If you do have multiple promotions and want to include a CTA for each, make sure that you have one main focus and make that CTA stand out more than the rest.

7. Test, test and test some more. Creating the best CTA button for your emails will take trial and error. You will need to perform separate tests for keywords, size, location, and design to see what your subscribers respond the best to.

The West Elm example below follows all the principles that were mentioned above. The CTA clearly stands out from the rest of the message in a contrasting color, it is large enough that it does not get lost, it’s above the fold, and while only three words, lets the subscriber know exactly what action they should take.


Now that you have learned how to increase your click through rate by optimizing your CTA, see how you can improve your open rates with a smartly crafted preheader. Be sure to add both of these tactics to your checklist when strategizing your emails. Importantly, after testing any new tactics, don’t forget to review your metrics to see what type of improvement there was.

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