CRM Software Tips for Delivering Great Customer Experiences

In a culture where customers increasingly rely on social media, online reviews, and brand advocates to gauge product and brand performance, your ability to deliver great customer experiences is key to rising above the competition. Leverage these CRM software tips to deliver on customer expectations.


CRM Software Tips: 1. Build From the Basics


If you begin by understanding the basic premise of what CRM technology can do for your company, it’s easier to build from there and tailor your CRM solution to fit your company’s specific needs.

CRM technology was designed to help you create and manage customer relationships, determine effective sales and marketing strategies based on what you know about existing customers and prospects, and streamline the essential activities and processes that help you grow your business.

Expand on the capabilities of the native features of your CRM solution with third-party software that maximizes the use and value of your CRM database. You can search for options that are most applicable for your business or industry, or filter searches based on your particular needs.

For example, you may want to explore software options that integrate with your CRM and help you cleanse and standardize data, automate data cleansing processes, remove duplicates from your database, validate email addresses, enhance your lead generation activities, manage your tasks or calendars, process payments, or allow your human resources department to track the status or testing scores of applicants.

There are a multitude of options available, especially for some of the more popular CRM solutions, such as Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365.


CRM Software Tips: 2. Leverage Customer Histories


CRM Software Tips | Validity Inc. Use CRM data to get a clear picture of your “relationship status” with a customer. What does the data tell you about where you stand with that customer?

For example, if you see a customer is regularly purchasing products from you, they’re likely satisfied with your products. To encourage them to keep coming back for more and to provide them with great customer experiences:

    • Consider creating loyalty programs or reward programs for these customers and invite them to join.
    • Tailor messages that indicate you appreciate their loyalty. Show them that you know they are regular customers and you’re thankful for their business.
    • Give them a voice. Ensure the recent purchases went smoothly by sending a survey. Did the products they purchased perform as they expected? Would they recommend your products to others? What drove their decision to make the purchase? Did they receive good customer service during their purchase? Do they have recommendations for improving the products or services you provide? Is there any particular service team member that should be recognized?
    • Let them know their opinion matters to you. Encourage them to write reviews of your products and be champions of your brand.

On the flip side, if the data in your CRM points to waning customer engagement and at-risk accounts, assign customer experience teams or sales account managers, as applicable, to repair the relationship and find ways to improve customer retention.

CRM Software Tips: 3. Personalize Your Messaging Strategies


The more you know about your customer, the more you can tailor messaging strategies and offer them products or services that match their preferences. Use the data in your CRM to understand their purchasing behavior and suggest related products. Use it to identify pain points and offer solutions.

For example, if you sell retail clothing and a customer consistently purchases from your selection of tunics, marketing messages that announce when new tunics are added to your product line should resonate with this customer.

If you are a B2B company that provides marketing consulting services, create free, relevant content you can offer your customers to help them do their jobs better. Share a tip sheet about marketing, direct them to a white paper or blog post of interest to them, or create a monthly newsletter that shares best practices from experts at your firm.


CRM Software Tips: 4. Create Sales and Marketing Cadences


CRM Software TipsThere are many reasons to identify an appropriate cadence (pace) for your sales and marketing activities. For example, you don’t want to overwhelm your contacts or their inbox with marketing and sales messages. An influx of email campaigns could prompt them to opt out or too many calls could turn them off. Additionally, you want to grow your business predictably and systematically. Cadences help you pace sales activities and control growth. They also help you identify what works and when.

Use CRM software to help you track campaign messaging and timing, as well as the responses generated by your activities. Look for trends in the data. Do sales increase or decrease during certain times of the year? Does a certain number of emails in a certain time frame prompt more unsubscribes? Do you get more response when you offer 50 percent off or a buy one, get one free offer?


CRM Software Tips: 5. Deduplicate Data Regularly


Duplicate data spells double trouble for your marketing and sales activities. If you have more than one entry for a customer in your database, you run the risk of sending the same marketing or sales message to them twice. This doesn’t just make a bad impression about how you handle their data; it can also frustrate customers enough that they choose to opt out of your campaigns, reducing your ability to encourage additional sales.

One way you can address duplicate data is to use a third-party solution that allows for automatic processing of deduplication scenarios you define. Then, use automatic data processing software to run your deduplication scenarios at least once a week, with rules for what to do with any duplicates found, to help you keep your CRM database free of duplicates.

Another way you can address duplicate data is to prevent duplicates from ever entering the database by stopping them at the source with deduping software that integrates with your CRM. Dupe-blocking applications can block or report dupes in real-time.


CRM Software Tips: 6. Use Quality CRM Data as a Competitive Advantage


Leverage your CRM and its data to create a competitive advantage for your business. Choose a feature-rich CRM solution, add third-party applications that increase its value for your company, and create a purposeful strategic plan for how you will achieve and maintain high quality CRM data so you can create great customer experiences.

We offer plenty of details and strategies in our white paper, Quality CRM Data: The Key to Delivering Great Customer Experiences. Download your copy today to learn more.


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