CRM Data Doesn’t Have to Be a Joke

It’s a familiar scene. You’re in yet another meeting (that could have been an email) talking about how to best leverage the prospect list from your CRM. Someone asks, “Can we pull a list?” and the (almost always hesitant) response is, “Yes, but I have no idea if the data is accurate… garbage in, garbage out.” Cue the eye rolls and the half-hearted chuckles. We all know this. Contact data is questionable at best.

In today’s fast-paced world, we’ve come to accept that data is unreliable and that directionally accurate is about the best we can do. If you can believe it, one-third of business leaders say they don’t trust the information they use to make decisions.

From the first moment you collect data on a customer or prospect, you are setting the foundation for the success or failure of that relationship. If inaccurate information is collected up front, you squander your chance to interact with that contact and the impact is resounding. Poor data quality is not a single function problem. It affects marketing, sales, customer success, CRM admins, and so many other divisions. With unreliable data comes inaccurate reports, ineffective marketing campaigns, inaccurate sales forecasts, and ultimately a lot of garbage. It takes the predictability out of running a business.

Now, imagine if there was a way to run newly collected data through a filter prior to it even entering your CRM, catching all the inaccuracies in its trap, providing an opportunity to correct in real-time, and blocking inaccurate data from seeping into your healthy database. Well, you’re in luck. Point-of-capture verification is available with BriteVerify for email addresses, phone numbers, and mailing addresses, allowing you to stop poor data from ever entering your CRM through web lead forms, at the point-of-sale, or in your own applications.

OK, so now you may be thinking, “Sure, that’s great and all, but what if my CRM is already full of inaccurate data… it’s too late!” But we have a solution for this common scenario as well. Simply connect your contact data and BriteVerify provides high-speed verification, filtering out the good from the bad so you’re able to improve the health of existing data that wasn’t clean from the start. No more bounced emails, wrong numbers, or returned packages.

Next time you’re asked about pulling a list, you don’t have to cue the giggles with jokes about the quality of your CRM data. Together we can change the narrative from “garbage in, garbage out” to “trustworthy in, trustworthy out.” To learn more about BriteVerify from Validity and how it can help you reduce costs and increase customer engagement, give it a try today (with three credits on us!).


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