Cool Email Idea: Re-Engagement Email Series

What: Re-engagement Email Series

Who: Reed Business Information

Why we love it: It’s always tough to know what to do with email addresses that haven’t shown any click activity over a long period of time, especially for publishers. Is the person at the other end happily reading each issue, but content to get the news in their inbox rather than clicking through for more? Or are the emails being deleted unread or, worse, going into an unattended inbox never to be read again? Reed Business Information decided to take action. They now send a triggered “subscription renewal” email to anyone who hasn’t clicked within a certain period of time. The subscriber needs to click on the link in order to keep their subscription active. If they don’t click on that message they get another message and another, of increasing urgency, until the “final notice” that results in a suppression of the email if no action is taken (see examples of two of the messages, below). The series is well-timed and does a good job selling the value of the subscription. Results have been impressive. Subscribers click-through at rates that exceed industry averages, particularly for the first several messages. In fact, the rates are high enough as to afford Reed confidence that anyone who hasn’t clicked by the final message really isn’t paying attention to their messages anymore and is best removed from the database.

What would make it better: Offer new options in the email. Without cluttering up the message, Reed could suggest new email offerings that might better meet the reader’s needs, particularly for the emails later in this series.

Bonus points: With all email marketing it is on-going testing that wins the day. Reed is continually tweaking the copy, cadence, and more to optimize this series.

Check it out: Peruse Reed’s many great email offerings here.

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