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Changes To Our Product Model


To provide the best data integrity tool in the marketplace, Validity has created our next generation data quality platform – Validity Connect. We’ve heard our customers loud and clear – DemandTools is fantastic but coupled with all our amazing products ensures a complete data quality program for ongoing trust. As we continue to modernize, integrate, and advance our product portfolio, Validity Connect is a natural next step in your product evolution.

As a result of these exciting changes, in the near future we will no longer renew contracts for individual products. That’s why the time to move to Connect and experience our complete data quality solution—at significant discount—is right now.

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Our quintessential suite includes Validity’s DemandTools, PeopleImport,
DupeBlocker, and now BriteVerify, a real-time email verification tool.

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Move to Connect today and you’ll get a 20% discount for your early renewal.

Why Validity Connect

We are committed to making our core products even better.
That’s why integrating our products will allow us to modernize and revolutionize the data journey.

Benefits of Validity Connect Include:

Data Certainty
With email verification and deduplication, your Sales and Marketing team will have verified contacts, creating a unified experience for your team and your customers.

Increased Productivity
Automation with JobBuilder allows you to easily implement large, complex scenarios, and verify, clean, and maintain your data without manually executing jobs.

Increased Precision
Compare data sets to external lead lists, run real-time verification of email addresses, and assign contacts to campaigns with the click of a button.

Easier Ways to Delegate
Let other departments take on traditional administrative tasks, such as list imports.

Unlimited DemandTools, PeopleImport and DupeBlocker Users
Allow all your Salesforce administrators and Marketing Operations personnel to have access to the #1 global Salesforce data quality tools.

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