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94 percent of businesses suspect that their customer and prospect data is inaccurate.
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Inaccurate contact data is a real problem.

There is a need to not just get reliable data up front, but continuously evaluate it to ensure it remains actionable. Companies merge, get acquired, or close. Contact information becomes obsolete as individuals change email addresses, location, jobs, or careers. The result is data that is no longer valid. 

As a result, frustrated sales reps can’t reach prospects, client services can’t strengthen relationship with customers, and marketing teams can’t reach projected ROI.

Benefits of using customer data validation.

Email, phone, and address verification prevents data entry errors and combats stale data. Verified contact data is incredibly important as it supports inbound and outbound communications to and from customer service, marketing, and sales to ensure a great experience for customers and prospects.

Cost Reduction

Eliminate the need to manually complete or fix addresses and phone numbers for inaccuracies. Cut waste by removing stale data.

Improved Accuracy

Improved decision-making with higher confidence in database accuracy.

Effective Communication

Reach the right customer, at the right time with a relevant dataset for marketing and sales communications.

“We reduced our hard bounces on marketing emails by over 45 percent and we removed over 150,000 invalid email addresses from our POS system alone.”

Gail Buffington,VP, Marketing & Analytics at Soft Surroundings

Validate any data, any time.

Verifying that you have relevant customer contact data in your CRM means you can be confident in the efforts you’re making to communicate with your clients and prospects.

Real-time, point of collection validation

Validate addresses within your sign-up form. Prevent invalid and misspelled addresses while the customer is in front of you, prompting for a correction in real time.

Batch Validation

Verify lists of email, phone, and address records all at once in a simple and efficient way.

Phone & Address Validation

Our all-encompassing API ensures email, phone, and address contact fields are complete and verified as they are entered into your data set. Check out our latest blog post about phone and address verification here.

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